Friday, March 1, 2013

Woollies still required..............

I was thinking on Wednesday, my first day venturing out after being cooped up in the cottage with the wretched cold from hell, that perhaps I could start stowing the woollies.  WRONG. 

One sunny day came and the temps. slowly climbed up into the lovely 60's - I dashed to the grocery store, in non-wool clothes, for soup making and healthy baking (prunes and apples) items, and I grabbed the loppers on my return and did a little 'haircutting' on the buddleia bushes in my garden and my neighbor's.
One seems to have unbridled energy once almost over a debilitating head cold (why a fast cure for something so ordinary has never been discovered is baffling). Just getting outside, within reach of Nature's newness emerging green and bright from the dark, leaf strewn Winter earth, makes me feel healthy again.
Do you feel like that after all these cold months just watching the garden in its deep and silent sleep? 

Anyway, the wool sweaters, warm leggings, snuggly socks, scarves and hats are still at hand, along with the Winter coats and jackets, and of course the tall boots. Woollies and layers will be worn for a while yet.

It's cool again, even very cold at night........we still light the fire most evenings, and then fill the hot water bottles, in their soft cashmere 'sweaters', to cuddle. I truly love mine, especially for my cold feet!

The beautiful thick natural wool I purchased in the 
Falkland Islands on my way to Antarctica - no wonder 
sheep don't feel the cold!


  1. We are suppose to have snow this evening and maybe tomorrow too. I am really getting cabin fever and want to get out and work in the yard.
    Stay warm.

  2. I am sure spring will just seems to be taking longer all over..wonderful wool..what will you knit?

  3. Woolies are still needed here Mary and we have lots of fresh snow still. I can't wait to see the bare ground again even though it means lots of work ahead. The Falkland Islands wool looks so thick and cozy. Will you be knitting something from it? I hope you have a lovely weekend and see more signs of spring. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Woolies are still needed around here, Mary, although the temperatures are warming ever so slowly. We`ve had a lot of rain in the past few days which adds that damp, cold-to-the bones feeling to winter. There`s nothing like a fire to take off the chill.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you continue to feel strong and healthy.

  5. Woolies! I love the sound of that term, Mary. It turned cold again here this week, and we are enjoying a cozy fire as well. Mother Nature was just teasing us earlier with her sunny, 80 degree days two weeks ago. '-)

  6. Especially if getting over a cold and beginning to see some glimpses of Spring do give me energy. I am glad you are starting to feel better. The wool looks amazing. What are you going to do with it? Right now it is one day ballet's and the next woolies and boots. I think it comes with March.

  7. This has been a very see-saw winter, indeed! Warm, cold, warm, cold!


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