Monday, March 4, 2013

Antarctic Dawn.................

Looking out the cabin window around 5:00 AM was like waking 
and yet still being in the midst of a dream. Dawn in the 
Southern Ocean, South Georgia Island, South Shetland Islands, 
and eventually Antarctica, was always a breathtaking sight.

Constant companions, Cape petrels following the ship.

View from my cabin window........lovely lying in bed 
looking out at such stunning scenery.

Ocean swells, sometimes quite rough early morning, brought 
concerns about shore landings when we saw them like this. 
Only one planned landing was impossible during the entire 
voyage, not bad.

This was an enormous tabular iceberg from the Weddell Sea - 
they are often several miles in length!  
This one was calculated to be about two miles long, 
quite amazing.................

.............they really make one feel so small!

Waiting to transport us ashore not long after dawn, the 
trusty Zodiacs.......

........and the great guys who got them in and out of 
that freezing cold water!

Will you be ready to see more penguins soon?  I hope so 
because there were a few million more awaiting us at 
our next stop, St. Andrews Bay on South Georgia.


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning Mary. What a sight to see those huge icebergs and that glorious sunrise.

  2. As always, your pictures are breathtaking! The icebergs are amazing...miles long? Wow!!


  3. The first photo is totally gorgeous! Good job with a perfect subject. The second photo, the iceberg reminds me of a sea monster. And how wonderful to lay in bed and watch out your window at such beautiful vistas. Can't wait for more penguins. The icebergs are beautiful!

  4. Stunned....into silence! Such beautiful shots of such untouched places. The iceberg is awe inspiring and the penguins, I can't wait to see more! Chel x

  5. Magnifique! These photos take my breath away. That first one, in particular. Such grandeur. I don't want to use every superlative in the book, but really....

  6. Unbelievably beautiful! It must have all taken your breth away! I love those tubular glaciers. It makes you wonder why they form that way!


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