Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful voices.....................

Raleigh, North Carolina

A drive into the city on a chilly, windy Sunday afternoon 
(last weekend) is well worth the effort..............when 
it's to listen to someone special sing their heart out! 

Granddaughter was performing with her high school 
chorus and the North Carolina Master Chorale in 
Bach's 'St. John Passion', sung in German. 
This music telling the Easter story was really beautiful. 

During the Intermission I was able to catch a quick shot 
(only had my iPhone handy) of Jasmin up on stage. 
There were approximately 270 voices in the combined 
chorale and chorus, several excellent professional 
operatic performers singing the solo parts, 
and a great orchestra. 

We loved it all and, even better news, is that Jasmin will 
now have the opportunity to take voice lessons from the 
lovely soprano soloist who performed that afternoon. 
We are so excited for her........we've never had a soprano, 
or any other lovely voice in the family.

And what did we do this weekend? Jasmin stayed over with 
us and we spent time doing fun things such as shopping, 
eating out, attending a neighbor's Saturday 
night party..........and someone had fun 
painting her nails!


  1. What a pleasure that must have been, Mary. I can feel quite weepy just at the thought of seeing a grandchild on stage. Your granddaughter is so very beautiful!

  2. That would be a thrilling concert to hear Mary. I'm sure you are very proud of Jasmin. She is such a beautiful young lady!

  3. Jasmin is so beautiful. How wonderful that she is able to take those lessons.

  4. Mary, Jasmin is so beautiful and apparently SO talented as well. I am thrilled for her and her new voice teacher! Let's get together soon for coffee and much needed catching up! Jeannette

  5. Talented and beautiful! What a lovely combo!

  6. What a wonderful time you must have had seeing and hearing Jasmin up on stage. She has such a promising future. She has grown so much since I last saw her on your blog when you had your adventure out West! She's lovely!


  7. How wonderful to have such a talented and pretty granddaughter and then to hear her on stage! I looked at your photos of the penguins and the icy coast – stunning photography! It did look quite cold there – another trip to remember.

  8. Mary, what a treat that must have been. And Jasmin is more beautiful than ever. Love the blue nails. ;-)
    Hope you have a great week and Happy Easter…….Sarah

  9. What a delight to see and hear your beautiful granddaughter perform in such an illustrious gathering. How proud you must be. And how wonderful that she will have the opportunity to train under a good teacher.

  10. Congrats on the lessons! How beautiful she is too!

  11. Your niece is sooooo beautiful!

    1. Gracie dear - Jasmin is my granddaughter, not niece! Thanks for reading and commenting.
      For some reason I cannot leave comments on your blog - this has gone on for some time.
      Hugs - Mary

  12. Love those eyes!!! Pretty girl, know you are proud.

  13. I can't believe how grown up she has become! What a gorgeous girl. I know how proud of her you must be.


  14. Jasmin reminds me of Vanessa Williams. Very pretty, gorgeous eyes! I was in honor chorus when I was a teenager. My Aunt Dot even offered to pay for me to have singing lessons but I felt bad taking her money. I love to sing but probably am not as good as she thought I was. Ha! Have a great week. Tammy

  15. Jasmin is beautiful. So glad you got to enjoy spending time with her. I love stories like this.

  16. How fun to have Jasmin spend the weekend. Her concert must have been quite special. I can't wait until I can attend my little guys events whatever they may be.


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