Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The demitasse............................

Do you use demitasse cups?  

I have this lovely set of six creamy toned demitasse cups and saucers. Designed and manufactured by the historic Wedgwood company as part of its Queen's Ware line first manufactured in 1765, the pattern is named 'EDME'. My set is of course not that old. One day about 20 years ago while on lunch break from my office, I discovered it in a local antiques shop and grabbed it quickly. It was love at first sight! The design is classical and beautiful. With fluted sides, the small pedestal bottomed cups with graceful handles, are comfortable to hold as one sips elegantly. Yes, I think elegance comes to mind when drinking a strong espresso from a somewhat dainty cup like this. Not used daily in our cottage, but after a special dinner this is a nice way to serve a small coffee if desired.

You can read about the world's he largest collection of demitasse sets - according to the Guinness Book of World Records - HERE. Wedgwood is sadly no longer a family company, but the interesting history of Josiah Wedgwood and the company is detailed HERE.

Right now I'm off to make a large coffee in my favorite big mug. Cheers!


  1. Mary, I had a dinner service in that pattern and used it so much in France. Now, I have let it go as we don't do large family meals any more in this little home. It was beautiful.
    I have however kept a vase in the similar pattern, also Wedgwood.

  2. It was lovely to find your comment. We have been away at a wedding at York, staying over a few days. It is bitterly cold here, snowed last Thursday as we were setting off. So catching up today.
    Glad you had such an interesting holiday and loved looking at your wonderful photographs. I was following your journey and the layers of clothes to keep you warm.
    Hope your weather has warmed up, York was so cold as we did a bit of sight seeing Monday before returning home. Views are pretty with lots of snow about. Looking like a chilly Easter. Hope you have a Happy Easter and lots of chocolate eggs!

  3. Those cups are so elegant and pretty. But may I have tea in my cup? Coffee does not agree with me at all.
    I find pleasure in the feel of cups and mugs - a tactile element that enhances the taste of the drink.

  4. This is a beautiful set, how nice that you found it and still enjoy it. Very elegant!


  5. That is a beautiful set, Mary, and you were fortunate to fine it. I like the shape and creamy colour of it. I noticed your new pretty header today, perhaps it's been there for a few days? Hugs, Pamela

  6. It's lovely! I think that espresso is served in little cups like that, right? I actually wouldn't know because my typical coffee container holds about 2 cups of coffee. :-)

  7. I have a tea set in the same lovely pattern Mary! I shall have a secret smile when we next use them :o)
    Rose H

  8. So pretty! I love the off white.. So pretty. Oh, I think you should use it often, bonnie

  9. It is a beautiful set Mary. I love the design on it.

  10. Beautiful cups would be lovely for tea too. I have some small demitasse cups, but don't ever use them. Last Easter I used them for the little girl's to serve tea at the children's tea table. Maybe I will bring them out again.

  11. I like that set, Mary. I, too, have demitasse cups and used to use them more than I do nowadays. Perhaps it's time to bring them out for the next dinner party. They take me back to a more elegant time.

  12. Those are such lovely cups, Mary. I don't think I could have resisted them, either! I have a few typical blue Wedgewood pieces as well as a set of white floral-edged ironstone called "Enoch Wedgewood"... not sure if that is a relation of Josiah's or one of the company's low-brow products but I love it nonetheless! Thank you so much for your kind words on my "Last Chance Bus" post. I do love people watching!

  13. Mary..
    how delightful!
    just a beautiful s elegant set..
    have always loved Wedgewood..
    I too have several demitasse sets..
    still packed from the last move..
    awaiting our next move in about 6 weeks..
    hopefully this will be the very last move..
    we are so ready to be back together, under one roof..
    with no more boxes!
    enjoy your day!
    love and smiles..


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