Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge.................. and white photography.

I've just found this fun photography site and decided 
to join in the challenge today at the last minute.

These amazing animals were seen up close on my safari to several southern Africa countries last year. Toward the end of the trip while staying at Mala Mala in South Africa, a sunny afternoon game drive found us surrounded by lazy lionesses waking up from nap time, and a huge herd of Cape buffalo crossing the trail causing us to brake quickly! Both these animals are extremely dangerous and require respect when on their turf. 

The before shot gets the fact across that the lioness has amazing teeth........changing to black and white and cropping highlights them even more.  The Cape buffalo's stare seems more fierce in black and white. I added a few extras in order to frame these photos to use in a wall display. 

Camera - Canon EOS 7D with Tamron AF 18-270mm lens.......

All editing via PicMonkey........

This fun photo challenge is hosted by Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys. Stop by to see some great black and white photos at her photo blog A Personal Photo Challenge. Maybe you will be inspired to join in........each month Donna will encourage us with a new challenge enabling our creativity to shine through, and on her website she shares the future monthly challenge topics so you can be prepared well in advance. Thanks Donna.


  1. Oh dear Mary This photo challenge was made for YOU!!
    Wonderful photos of two of the "Big Five" do you know I felt all tingly scary just looking at them!!
    Maybe you will give us the missing three from the BF next time!!...please x
    Your sweet welcome to spring header is lovely.
    Shane ♥

  2. Even more striking in black and white!

  3. Oh wow, I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of either one of those, LOL! Love the B&W of the lion. One can't help but notice those huge teeth! Yah!!! And the water buffalo reminds me of a former boss - same personality and looks, hahaha.

    Great additions to the challenge. So glad you found the web site, since it is just started off on its maiden voyage, and you jumped in!

  4. Very nice photos. Love how you cropped the first one.

  5. Mary, these are wonderful photos. I like how you cropped the lion photo as it brings the head/mouth/and teeth up close. Good thing he was just yawning. The buffalo is definitely scarier looking in black and white. I'm glad you joined in late in the game. It was worth it to see your wonderful photos. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Those teeth are impressive and a very good use of cropping, too. The patterns on the water buffalo's head and horns is so well defined in B & W. Wonderful that you found Donna's very first Photo Challenge and participated!

  7. I'm late but Wow!!! I Love these...You did a super job!
    I especially like the edit!
    Happy Weekend!

  8. These photos are wonderful as they are but the B&W effect make them even better. I love the Water Buffalo.
    Interesting subject matter. Not your average backyard wildlife.

  9. I've always dreamed of a photo safari...I'm so jealous you actually did it! Wonderful post and blog! Love your photos...enjoy your day!

  10. I think both of your photos are nicer in the B&W mode. You don't have to worry about background and the sole focus is on the animals anyway.
    Thanks for sharing a couple of majestic beasts from your trip.

  11. Black and white certainly highlights the fierceness of these animals!

  12. The B & W effect makes the details really stand out in these animals! How amazing to get photos of them! WOW! Incredible photos!

  13. Wow, up close and personal shots - nicely done. I agree that the B&W makes me want to step back.

  14. Nice re-do's in black and white.
    I keep thinking I will play around with black and white, but haven't done much.
    If I get some time soon I will check out her sight for challenges.


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