Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY can be a real pain...................

The bathroom makeover has become larger than life
How could such a small space bring so many problems? This 
weekend saw me dashing from from one DIY to another, 
several times over. Lifting and loading the car, hauling 
things I had no idea we would require. 
I had hoped to be gardening as the weather was so pleasant, 
but that didn't happen. 

Do you ever get into situations such as this? What was 
planned as a quick paint job, with a few added pretties 
such as a shiny new sink, has turned into what might be a 
total renovation! If I'm lucky, today will bring a guy with 
a saw and a diamond edged blade or some such contraption!

More later..........I will hopefully be able to show you
a usable bathroom one of these days.

Edited this afternoon: Thank goodness the diamond blade worked - and the guy took his time and cut off several inches of the new quartz vanity top without cracking it!  We're in business now - even the plumbing is in. Tomorrow we hang the bathroom towel bars, hooks etc., and I'm working on 'art' to hang on the wall.

Yippee, I'm almost happy again!


  1. I hear you, Mary. Sometimes a small change can lead to major work but I'm sure your bathroom will be lovely and worth the extra work. I can't wait to see the before and after pics. And I hope you don't run into any surprises! Hugs, Pamela

  2. That's the way it goes sometimes - the DIY snowball effect. Hang in there, it will be beautiful when finished.

  3. Oh dear, this sounds rather expensive and unexpected! But you can console yourself with how wonderful it will be when all is repaired and prettified.

  4. Such wise words and so hard for me to follow :)
    Moving house from one continent to another , twice helps.
    You just don't want to unpack and see that old stuff anymore :)
    Have fun with the projects ! besitos. C

  5. Yes, I have encountered that many times. It will be so lovely when it is finished you will forget all about the pain...kind of like child birth ;-)

  6. Thinking of you dear, I can't wait to see the transformation! Love, Vanessa

  7. Shall I send Mike over?
    He did a brilliant job but I don't recommend black shiny floor tiles.impossible to keep clean.

  8. I enjoyed myself looking at all your past lovely pictures. I am pleased that your bathroom project is working out. We had a leak in our kitchen sink, the first plumber told us that we had many problems but he could fix them all for around $1,100. The second plumber told us the pipe was loose and fixed it for the minimum repair call of $75! It’s good to get second opinions!

  9. I hope happiness is there very soon. Can't wait to see the re-do.

  10. Projects like that seem to take on a life of their own! I'm glad to hear that you are passing the hurdles and can see the light at the end of the renovation tunnel, LOL.

    I am so glad to have you join in on the new photo challenge. I wasn't really sure I sure attempt such an endeavor, and I admit to getting cold feet several times. But it seems that it has struck a chord with some folks and fills a need out there in blogland. We'll see how it goes! Ultimately, it will only be as good as the commitment of the participants.

  11. Lucky you Mary, I've been badgering my DIY man for years for an ensuite makeover....
    the wait has been so long that my ideas/and what's "in" - have been and gone!!!!!!!!!
    Hold your breath and think of England dear!!
    Shane ♥

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