Sunday, March 3, 2013

Painting the town..............

..........well not actually the town but the upstairs bathroom gets a refresher course starting tomorrow.

For about ten years I've been stuck in the 'Tuscan style' in this small know how that is. You travel to places where you fall in love, head over heels in love, with a different decor. You get home, you have some time to spare. You shop for a deep-hued, antique looking Italian wallpaper, slap heavy texture on the ceiling (don't ever do that please), add some crown molding and enhance with decorative nail heads (yes I actually did that!). Then you get rid of a perfectly white basin and put in a creamy color which looks less modern, install brass faucets and accessories, a faux Travertine tile floor (mine is Pergo, which is still really nice and will stay). There it was, your vision of living in beautiful Tuscany, in an old farmhouse on a hillside covered with olive trees, but with mod-cons of course!

Time for a change - going to freshen up the space this week with the help of my painter Bruce. He will do the messy bits, remove the texture and smooth the ceiling, remove the wallpaper and paint in a warm grey with white trim. We will replace the cream basin and brass accessories with a white basin, brushed nickel faucets and light fixture. I'm still OK with the great Restoration Hardware towels - color is perfect, and they seem to be wearing well so can stay for now. I may add a new shower curtain (there's a tub/shower combo in this bathroom), and wall decor, but as this is such a small space it doesn't require a lot on the walls.

Are you planning any renovations this Spring?  Will love it if you 'show and tell'. I'll post some before and after pics of this little project later. 

Meanwhile, I really need to get back to the Antarctica posts......see you later.


  1. I love a 're-vamp' and I'm looking to see your end results. I have lots of plans for this year but they are just plans at the moment! Waiting for hubby to get enthusiastic about the paint brush! Take care. Chel

  2. It will be fun to watch your bath transform Mary. We are still putting this house together, as you know. Today Kent is working on the closet "office". Once he gets it all cut, I will paint/stain.


  3. I know how you feel, Mary. I went through a Victorian stage...lots of lace and deep colors, ferns and heavy ornate rugs. Only my den has some of the remains of this style, hubby loves the old wallpaper and drapes. Sigh.

    Your plans for the bath sound terrific. After you see it freshly painted and the new basin, etc., you will have a vision of how to accessorize. I would love to see pictures!


  4. This sounds like a fun project Mary, and I look forward to seeing the before and after photos. Enjoy the week of painting and redecorating!

  5. Good luck with your project Mary. I'm looking forward to seeing your before and after pics. I have been wanting to tell you that I made it to your favorite place - Suzanna's in Raleigh while we were visiting the kids. Great place, except it was a rainy Tuesday and lots of the small shops were not open.

  6. It always feels so, so good once a room has been freshened up. We did one of our bathrooms last year. When we bought the house 10 years ago we said that bathroom needs help, but it took us until last year to get it done. Whew! It does feel good. Good luck with the re-do.

  7. I really want to redo the room here with the toilet, called the toilet. The floor is worn and ugly and all of the pipes are visible. One day maybe...

  8. Have a feeling I will be diassapointed as I too love the Tuscan style and just never had the guts to pull it off but I will wait and see your pictures and withold any judgements:)

  9. I'll look forward to seeing your bathroom transformation. Did you take before shots to share with us? I usually forget until things are well underway.
    I'm freshening up a few rooms here - but it's taking a long time to finish anything.

  10. Your planned changes do sound refreshing! I think you must have inspired me. I've taken down the crocheted valances in the dining room and kitchen and freshened up the paint on the wood trim around the windows and we'll leave it that way. It looks pleasingly simple and lets in more light which we can always use in this north facing house. Some of the rooms need refreshed paint on the ceilings too. And I need to come up with some sort of cornice for the living room windows and get rid of the dark valances, beautiful as that fabric is; it's time for a change.


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