Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bath time............................

As promised, a glimpse of the bathroom re-do. This upstairs bathroom is a really small space and the one I use often. Shown above, it was previously Tuscan in style since we visited there about 10 years ago and I loved that look....for a while. It was however definitely time for a makeover/freshen up, but nothing huge and expensive like a renovation! 

Needless to say, things didn't go quite as smoothly as planned!  Textured ceiling was removed and smoothed, wallpaper was steamed and peeled, everything primed and painted......that part was OK. Removing the old wash basin 'threw a spanner in the works'.................apparently the guy who installed it glued it in never to be removed so when it was it took the laminate vanity top with it!

So this it what I have now - and I'm loving it!  A quartz vanity with nice deep sink, and lovely Delta faucets.

All my accessories are now brushed nickel - the wall paint a warm greyed beige (like natural linen) with white trim.

I don't want the space to look too modern so kept my useful little vintage wicker piece - painting the grey top and stripe in Annie Sloan's French Linen, a grey chalk paint. Also using the old heavily textured matelassé shower curtain, another favorite.

And finally, what did I decide to display on the wall?  After some thought, I decided to hang some of my own photos starting with African animals. I played with these two changing them from color to b/w with a touch of sepia to warm the grey tones - perfect with the brushed nickel frames. I think they work well.......what do you think?   


  1. Enjoy that beautiful new bath........I'm basking in the dirt this week out in the garden. '-)

  2. It looks lovely, Mary.
    Our ensuite is presently 'en deshabille'! The toilet, shower and vanity are out on the porch, awaiting transport to the dump and I am more than a little anxious about a timeline that may stretch into weeks instead of days.

  3. Could not be more different to ours but I love it.
    Weare at opposite ends of the spectrum but love each other just the same.
    Photos are amazing, and agsin, so different from mine.
    Love u

  4. What a beautiful job Mary, worth all that stress. Now you can relax and enjoy!
    Rose H
    I always dread starting those 'little' jobs....

  5. I think the bathroom redo looks great. Very calming and the perfect place to showcase the gorgeous images from your travels. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  6. Mary, it turned out wonderful. It looks very calm and spa like. How wonderful to be able to display some of your amazing photos in your bath.

  7. Wow, Mary. It looks beautiful. What a fresh change from the old look. I love your shower curtain and the vanity top/sink, and brushed nickel accents are gorgeous. Very very nice! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Pamela

  8. Your DIY turned out beautifully. Your photos are so wonderful that you should have them all over your house. I like the sepia tones with your bathroom decor. And the matelasse shower curtain looks rich and warm.

  9. It looks fabulous Mary. Very fresh. I love that shower curtain especially! And the photos are just perfect.

  10. Looks lovely dear! Beautiful and tastefully decorated. So glad it turned out fabulous! And, you were right dear, we're now with a cold and trying to feel better. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love, Vanessa

  11. It's beautiful! The photography is the perfect choice. It all looks so peaceful and happy. Great job!

  12. Very nice.... Love the edging around the sink. Beautiful done.
    Did you request that? Is there a name for the edge?


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