Monday, June 16, 2014

A quick look at Stockholm ~~~

These stops along the Baltic Sea have been fabulous - not more than a day in each city

(except in St. Petersburg where we had two) so a quick glimpse required much fancy 
footwork over the cobblestones…..

 …..and several stops at sidewalk cafes to rest our legs while sipping coffee and tasting local delicacies!

 At the royal palace we were able to watch the Changing of The Guard.

Many more pics to share with you later.

Just spent today in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now back on the ship and will be heading 
to Norway tonight. The weather has been grand - how lucky we are.


  1. Hello Mary,

    We are out of breath just trying to keep up with you.

    Well, it is it must be.......

    It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. We are glad!

  2. I love the colours in the first photo - pale pink geraniums against the grey shutters and trim blend so well with the wood and stone all around. Light and lovely. So glad the weather is pleasant for you.

  3. Kent and I talked about going to Sweden one day. Not sure if it will ever happen though. Your pictures are wonderful.

  4. It looks like you are having a wonderful vacation and wonderful weather. The colors in the photos are spectacular.

  5. My husband is always telling me that Stockholm is lovely now I can see why. I wonder if you are going to Stavanger? it is a stop for many of the cruise ships - my eldest son and his family lived there for 5 years until last summer.

  6. Beautiful photos, and they bring back such wonderful memories of a Baltic Sea cruise I had a few years ago. I look forward to hearing more of your travels along with seeing your photos as I relive my trip. As always, thanks for taking time to post so we can travel with you!
    Farm Gal in SW VA

  7. That's wonderful my dear! I've been missing you... I'm so glad you both are getting good weather and enjoying some beautiful site seeing. I'm getting ready for my trip this week, oh my! I'm so excited!
    Dear, enjoy your amazing trip, sending my love to you and Bob. Happy belated Father's Day to him. Love ~ Vanessa

  8. Looks beautiful! Fabulous photos.

  9. Such an awesome way to get a quick look at such beautiful locations around the world. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. At last, some places I'VE actually been to - namely Stockholm and Copenhagen. I was also in Oslo but my friends didn't want to go into the "heartland" of Norway - the Gudbrandsdalen Valley where my grandmother grew up.

  11. Oh, what soft and subtle earthy colours to rest your eyes on while enjoying a perfect cup of Swedish coffee! Beautiful images!


  12. Oh I say Mary, I do declare that those Soldiers look rather smashing. I may have to book my next trip to Stockholm sooner than expected;)


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