Monday, June 30, 2014

The new camouflage ~~~

Arriving back to a garden which could now be classified 'a jungle', I was happy to see 
a few remaining sunflowers blooming around the fig tree………………………………
and then this morning a bright yellow camouflaged couple munching happily on the seeds.  

Welcome Mr. & Mrs American Goldfinch.

Grabbed the closest camera and had to take these through the dining room window 
so not great…………but you get the picture so to speak.

This one is Mrs. - less colorful but still such a pretty yellow bird.  
Goldfinches are always bright sparks in the garden.


  1. Hello Mary,
    There is always a concern about the garden when one goes away for any length of time. However, the arrival of the Goldfinches is a very welcome homecoming!

  2. How I would love goldfinches in my garden. Maybe we have them and I just don't know
    that those little yellow birds are goldfinches. Oh how they would love sunflowers.

  3. What pretty birds and so well camouflaged in your lovely photos.

  4. That first goldfinch is so hidden that I am amazed. Is there another in that photo? I hope not or I am losing it. Don't tackle the jungle all at once!

  5. That surely is some good camouflage! I didn't even see the bird in the first photo until I had looked at it several times! They certainly are pretty birds, with all that cheerful yellow. It must be nice to be home, even though you had a lovely time on your travels.

  6. Great blog, picked you up from Mikes Bit about Britian, sorry to hear you left our beautiful country but hey I can't blame you for living in the US. I'll be following you so pop over na d check a few of my blogs out from the UK

    1. Thanks Bill - England will always be my true home although I've been gone over 50 years!
      I'll definitely be reading your posts, love keeping up with all things British.
      Mary -

  7. Great shots! Our neighbor across the street has a feeder and we see the goldfinch flying around. She is lucky, she has a deck high off the ground, because around here if you have a feeder in the summer in your yard, you will have bears. So our feeders get put up every spring.

  8. Welcome home, Mary. Sweet pictures of the goldfinches. I've never ever seen them eating seeds like they should do. :) They do enjoy my silo feeder but not seeds from real plants. I loved your photos from Hampshire. What a beautiful and historic town! Hugs, Pamela


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