Sunday, June 22, 2014

Taking Bath with a friend!!!!!

When home in the UK I'm always on the lookout for this particular sign of course!

This photo was taken in the famous Mr. B's bookshop in Bath - Edward, the charming most knowledgeable salesperson, talked me into purchasing a couple of books I might find hard to locate in the US, and the sweet lady is my dear friend Ruth who drove up from her Wiltshire village, with her husband Mike, to show us 'Insider's Bath'.
Ruth 'found me' via my blog, although not a blogger herself, when researching Penang's Maison Bleue some time back, and having visited there and written a post on the gorgeous house I popped up via Google. We have corresponded ever since, with Ruth gifting me with some fabulous books from Mr. B's.

Along with Ruth and Mike came the ubiquitous English picnic hamper. The amazing lunch, served under what has to be a 500 year old tree with roots running deep in front of the magnificent 
Royal Crescent, lovingly prepared, and included Ruth's home baked walnut bread, some fresh chilled wine, and perfectly poached salmon with healthy salads, in their historic cottage, complete with an inglenook fireplace and beautiful cottage flower garden - which next visit I hope to stroll through!

A perfect English Summer's day at the Royal Crescent in Bath.

We're enjoying a few days in London now. Will walk along the Thames River this afternoon with my family who have come over from France to share what is another perfect Summer day.
 More later……………


  1. Hello Mary:

    What a simply delicious looking picnic taken in perfect surroundings.

  2. Great photos Mary. What great weather you are having. :)

  3. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time while in England, Mary. The weather is perfect for touring too. Enjoy your London visit. Hugs, Pam

  4. It is wonderful to read how lovely the weather has been for this trip. Shopping in a great bookstore is definitely one way I'd love to spend some time. The picnic looks heavenly!

  5. How lovely to have a picnic with a friend and stroll through Bath.
    A visit to the Buy British would be a delight for sure. Oh sigh,
    that picnic I think looks so beautiful and just perfect. What a
    thoughtful gift to a weary traveler.

  6. Good weather accompanied your picnic! Meeting friends via blogging is such fun. So glad you and Ruth were able to meet. The bookstore looks like an interesting place to fill one's suitcase to overweight capacity!

  7. Bath, books, good friends and the Royal Crescent! Awesome.

  8. I love Bath, we are down that way soon staying in Bradford upon Avon for a couple of nights!! Also visiting Stonehenge on the way. I am in London tomorrow on the London Eye ( 4th time) and a boat trip up the Thames with my brother.
    Love picnics, we had one today with our grandson Harry at Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in the UK, love Jackie in Surrey,x

  9. Love all your photos so far....please, more about your travels....

  10. What a wonderful setting! I look forward to your London trip - I hope you enjoy it as much as I love visiting my old home town xx

  11. What books did you get?

  12. How nice that you were able to meet Ruth in person! What a great bookstore! And the picnic looks scrumptious!


  13. Oh my... I am truly enjoying your trip. Sister and I will be returning to Ireland within a year and I want to spend a good bit of time in England. You will have to clue me in on the very best places to car tour. We are like gypsies when we travel. Drive until we are tired and the find a B&B.
    Safe travels Dear. Keep the photos coming!

  14. What a treat Mary. Looks like you were blessed with a glorious day to enjoy your picnic with Ruth. Home made walnut bread and butter with poached salmon, yummers!


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