Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Faraway Places - Coming Home. . . . . . . .

Vibrant Barcelona!

The pond at Eastgate Park, Raleigh, on my quick walk yesterday.

It will never cease to amaze, this hefting of a giant aircraft into the blue above,
 crossing cities, countryside, mountain ranges, oceans. . . . . . . . transporting us to
 places often very unlike our home.
Fortunately these recent journeys went without any hitches - planes, boats, trains,
taxis all moved us safely and comfortably through two amazing European countries.

Being back has brought a plethora of stuff to do - ordinary life was on hold as it
 always is when you travel far and for a lengthy time. Now we need to get the proverbial
 ducks in a row, organize ourselves, our home, the garden, the season's necessities, life!

I'll be back here soon - I have much to share from three and a half weeks in beautiful
 France and Spain.


  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

  2. Love Spain -- haven't been to Barcelona. The colorful buildings have so much character. Arriving back home does require a lot of catching up time. Take care, Tammy

  3. So colourful! And I love the photo of the pond and autumn colours. I'm glad you are home safe and sound and had a very enjoyable trip abroad. I'll look forward to your posts about it all. Take care. xx Pam

  4. Glorious colors - I love the bright buildings!!!! All the photos are wonderful - welcome home.

  5. Fabulous,wonderful .. the colors, everything :)

  6. Your time away went so quickly. And now you're back! Love bright blue sky and water in the last photo.

  7. I love the elegant travel of the Orient Express and classic movies. Today travel is a necessary evil before your holiday can truly begin.

  8. So happy I had finally the time to catch up with your blog, I really enjoyed it! And my envy for all your travels grows more and more....lol..


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