Thursday, April 15, 2021

Garden visitor -


It's not all about the flowers and the trees.........sometimes joy
 comes from the visiting wildlife.
Yesterday 'Chippy' the chipmunk was back for an early morning
 visit and seemed to enjoy breakfast under the bird feeders.
We only ever see one of these little guys which is much different
 from the dozen or more squirrels who drive us crazy.

Hope spring has sprung where you live.


  1. In that last picture, your garden could easily be mistaken for a particular spot in the palace grounds here in Ludwigsburg, Mary! They have a Rhododendron Valley, with all colours you can imagine. It will be very beautiful in a few weeks' time.
    Chippy is cute!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Chipmunks are always such a joy to watch as they run, climb and stuff their cheeks!
    Your garden is in full spring beauty.

  3. Never seen a chipmunk in real life. how sweet he is! So enjoying visiting my old friends as the UK begins to get used to "the new normal" and I can begin blogging again now that travel restrictions are easing, no more hibernating now.

  4. It hasn't quite sprung yet but it is springibg.

  5. Chippy looks like friendly little visitor to your garden. What an amazing sight your garden is in that last photo. Your rhodos are stunning!

  6. Yes, spring is here, but no "Chippy". What a cutie!
    We do have Peter rabbit visit once in the while though.


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