Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tales and tails!

 Male Eastern bluebird

Last week I ventured out from my home to the local AT HOME store.
I've been searching for new lanterns for the fig tree - the red ones were falling
apart and had to go! For a change I was looking for blue - we have blue chair
cushions on the porch, blue hydrangeas, and currently bluebells, all around us.
Spotting these three good sized metal ones with glass sides, easy open door 
for candles, and not too pricey ($14.99 ea.) I grabbed them quickly and had them
 hanging a few hours later. 

Brown thrasher

American robin
This female comes to the suet often - robins usually don't do this.

Our 'Peter Rabbit' has been seen a lot this week. He's really large and
 quite handsome............and hopefully nibbling nothing but our grass!

This morning I was surprised by this visitor whom we haven't seen 
since last Fall. . . . . . . . . . . Chippy, the little chipmunk, was busy cleaning
 up under the bird feeders.

Happy to see this delightful little creature again after his long hibernation.

We are having an 88F day here - far too warm for me, especially along
 with the heavy clouds of yellow oak and pine pollen coating everything
 in sight.
Our chimney sweep is due shortly - no more fires on the hearth until
next winter - then I plan to go shopping for my Boston hanging ferns for 
front porch - which is more fun than spring cleaning house which will have to 
 be tackled soon.

We planted three new azaleas and one hydrangea in the back garden this week.
Meanwhile, still awaiting the full blooming of our older, now very large,
 George Tabor pink azaleas - should be any day soon, and with some rain
expected tomorrow and Friday we are looking forward to a pretty
 garden weekend ahead.



  1. You do have some interesting wildlife in your garden! Mine only sees next door's cat! But we do have some beautiful birds on our feeders.

  2. That Chippy sure is a cutie. We have seen the return of our beautiful fox this week too. Such fun to watch him hunting rodents in the nearby field. Hope he catches most of them.
    Your new blue lanterns are lovely and look especially pretty in the background of your opening bluebird photo. Isn't that At Home store amazing (or should I say overwhelming)?
    I went out and cut a bouquet of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils today. I think this heat will do them in. Not ready for this quite yet.
    Enjoy your weekend in the garden.

  3. I do so enmvy you the colourful bird life you have over your side of the pond. And that chipmunk too.

  4. Hi Mary, such lovely wildlife pics, as always! We have so many "chippies" around here...way too many, let's put it that way. They are cute, but very destructive. We have tunnels all over our yard. Not good, especially when they are close to your foundation or patio. We have moth balls around the openings to their tunnels in the hopes they will move, but I don't know if it'll do any good.

  5. In the UK one of our most famous wartime songs has the line ' There'll be bluebirds over, the white cliffs of Dover...' And yet bluebirds are not native to the UK at all. Possibly the American writers were unaware - whatever, it was a huge hit.

  6. Rabbits are a scourge in this country but the only chipmunks we've ever known are Chip 'n' Dale so I'd be glad of more chipmunk cheeks in my life! They're so plump and he is so cute!!

  7. It's great to catch up with you, Mary. You've been far busier than me! I'm having fits with Blogger and loading photos and I don't have the time to devote to trying to figure it out. As far as working outdoors, our weather is different each and every day. I have some bulbs to plant and I need to get fertilizer down, but things just have to wait. Thankfully I have my lawn services at both houses do a spring clean up, that's so worth the cost.

    Your photos of the birds, bunnies, and chipmunks are really beautiful. Nature never gets boring. We actually had a bald eagle hanging around our home here in the city. It flew over our backyard and then perched in a tree two doors down. I saw it gliding overhead yesterday and in another area of our neighborhood, someone captured a very good picture of it. I have no idea why it would be here!!

    Say hello to Bob. I'll catch up soon.❤️

  8. Such lovely wildlife photos of visitors to your yard. I do hope the bunny minds his manners and keeps to eating the grass only. Your new lanterns will be lovely, and all your plants sound delightful. Happy gardening! I wish it would warm up a little more here.

  9. Your garden with all its busy flora and fauna is always a delight!
    Here, the cherry tree in front of my kitchen window is now in bloom - but for two days this week, the blossoms were dusted with snow! By the looks of it, all is still well and nothing suffered the frost too much, but I could have well done without the snow. It is very much an up and down this and the next week, temperature-wise.

  10. Rich and varied wildlife in your garden. A pleasure to meet them all.

  11. The new lanterns look great! What wonderful wildlife you have around your home!

  12. 88°? Is there no middle ground? Seems as if you have roared past spring. The blue lanterns are beautiful. The wildlife looks great in your garden and at the feeders.

  13. Dear Mary,
    Love your new header. The light is so pretty. You an never have enough blue in your garden, How wonderful that your birds will oblige and wonderful that your local shop had just the right blue lamps.

  14. Dearest Mary,
    Lovely for having those bluebirds so close within view!
    We see them from our bay window at the bird bath but a stroke of lawn divides the distance...
    Good luck with the azaleas.

  15. I just love seeing your birds, so beautiful.
    Love the blue lanterns too.
    We have had a wild bunny or two visit our garden in the evenings this week also. We just love, love watching them.


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