Friday, April 8, 2022

Days of Spring -

Today's flowers!

They're here. Those days we wait patiently for when the worst of
 winter blusters, blows, rains, freezes and snows become tiresome.  
When darkness cloaks the long cold nights endlessly, and the chill of
 early mornings makes one want to turn over and sleep a little longer.

But outside the windows there is change, especially in the trees.
 Bursting forth in bright green, still so new and full of promise. 
The pollen is beginning to smother every surface and cause allergy
 discomfort, annoying for some, me included, with hoarseness, 
sneezing and coughing.
 The change in the trees brighten the sky, my thoughts, the entire day. 
The azaleas are blooming now in all shades of pink, tucked underneath
 the white flowers opening on the dogwood boughs.
North Carolina has the most beautiful spring months.

Magical is the only word.


  1. I do miss spring and fall in NC. Hope you and Bob are well. xoxo

  2. Lucky you - wed have just had a heavy snow shower.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    As we brace for yet some more cold nights, we hope that slowly spring is settling in and remains.
    We got severe Tornado weather and lots of rain...
    But indeed, the green on the trees looks promising and it is more and more looking like spring.

  4. Oh, you are so lucky that spring has truly arrived there! The greenery and flowers are beautiful. Here in Illinois, we've had endless days of cold and rain. Even some snow mixed in today! I looked at the extended forecast and it looks like rain just about every single day. I'm so sick of it and the gloominess. I've been oversleeping every morning because it's so dark.

  5. It's a fascinating adventure to go outside in the spring. I hope you beware of pollen allergy. Happy weekend to you.

  6. Sounds as if things are progressing nicely. Soon, pollen season will be over. It won't be here until the end of next month. Happy weekend... 🌷

  7. Mary, our Texas spring has been late arriving, but the bluebonnets are bursting forth along with other wildflowers. It's a lovely time of year with crisp mornings, the afternoons warming with gentle sunshine, and our evenings bring us back to a nip in the air. Our summers arrive all too soon for me, so often by May we have the heat. Hoping for this lovely weather to stay for a few months. Your NC spring sounds lovely. We don't have Dogwood trees here, but I remember seeing them in bloom in OK. What a gorgeous sight. I hope all is well, that you and Bob are enjoying life. All the best to you, dear friend!

  8. Those first Spring moments are to be treasured. Blossom is appearing slowly here, but apple trees are awake and soon the Prunus will be showing its lovely pink blossoms.

  9. Spring is indeed a magical time! I am glad it manages to lift your spirits, dear Mary, even though it causes you some discomfort.

  10. Spring is indeed "magical". Plus, it sometimes is unpredictable. Yesterday we had sunshine and today 4 inches of very wet snow. We have never had such a late heavy snow. It is melting now, but more is predicted.


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