Saturday, April 9, 2022

Happy Weekend ----------

  • Grass cut several times already
  • Arbor, fence and gate re-painted and new white lights installed for Summer evening twinkling
  • Azaleas blooming, bluebells 'ringing' all around the garden
  • Birdhouse "Spring cleaned"
  • Acer gorgeous after last year's professional pruning
  • Red maple brilliant red, will then turn green
  • Weeding, compost spreading, mulching being done this weekend
  • Two new Boston ferns purchased for the front porch - last year's Swedish Ivy overwintered in neighbor's sunroom and now hanging on porch

Despite the recent ups and downs of life we are managing to get
 back to things requiring attention here at the cottage.  
Our neighborhood is looking beautiful.

March was a particularly tough month for us. 
Bob's brief hospital stay after a B/P-heart scare.
 Making the change to a new way of eating/cooking without salt has
 been a challenge. He's doing fine - I'm tired of reading labels to
 determine sodium content. Bottom line - DON'T eat anything that
comes in a box, bag, jar or can!
My ongoing herniated disc problem and leg pain preventing long walks.
Daughter had, and still needs, ongoing assistance/transportation
(we're providing) following shoulder surgery.
There are other serious family member medical issues to deal with.  
A nearby neighbor's unexpected death at home knocked us for a loop
and took us to a funeral.
 An amazing family member's death across the pond saddened us. . .
 but he was almost one hundred and five years young!!!

We felt doomed in March.
Life became a daily effort, just facing each morning was exhausting
 and, as you know, I became absent from here for most of the month.
We too are 'feeling our ages' but hoping with the arrival of Spring, better
weather, and plans for a short trip for a change of scenery soon will give
 us a lift. Then with a long-awaited trip home to England all planned and
 hopefully taking place after so many cancellations during COVID. . . . we
 will be 'up and running', or at least walking, for the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile off to tackle some weeding after the heavy rains of 
Thursday. . . . . then afternoon tea on the front porch, and this evening
 lighting the last fire on the hearth until next Winter!

Doing just a little Easter decor - will share in the coming week.
Thanks so much for your concerns - we are good and hope you are.
Enjoy your weekend dear friends.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Glad you managed to absorb all that was coming your way!
    Life at time is overwhelming but we must move on... however tough at times.
    Oh, tell me about having to always study the sodium content and for me, anything with sugar on top of that.
    It is quite simple, we MUST prepare our own meals from scratch as you already mentioned whatever comes in a box, can or jar or frozen prepared foods are off limits.
    Not easy to adapt to that and even harder for trying to eat healthy while on the go... but we have no choice.
    Spring around your lovely cottage is at its peak and things look so lovely.
    If only for a brief period... our gorgeous azalea blossoms behind the gazebo got knocked off from heavy rain.
    We had no damage done by the Tornados that came our way; so grateful we had all the big and some bad trees removed in November!!!
    Yes, we certainly need a lift from time to time with a pleasant getaway!
    Enjoy your garden and home and your trips.

  2. Hello dear Mary,
    March was a very rough month for you and Bob. My condolences on the losses of your family member and a friend. You have accomplished much in your garden despite the challenges and everything is looking absolutely beautiful. I hope you enjoy your afternoon tea on the porch and your last fire of the season this evening. We are experiencing cold weather just now, but the sun is shining and it's glorious to see.
    Take good care, Mary. Love to you and Bob.

  3. You muct be so relieved to put March behind you, Mary, I do hope that with the coming of Spring you will find life has more colour and more cheer. Your garden is certainly looking lovely.

  4. Dear Mary - I am so pleased to know that you are both feeling ready to leave the month of March behind and move forward. It is very difficult when things mount up and lots of things need plenty of care and attention, and on top of that loosing a dear friend and relative.
    Your garden is looking pristine and fresh - at this time of year I want my surroundings to stay still for as long as possible - the flowers, the fresh green grass and the new leaves look so lovely, but they don't, they keep on moving forward far too quickly.

  5. A month of misfortune behind you for good, I hope, dear Mary, and so lovely to see you back around these pages. I look forward to more Spring glories!

  6. The neighbourhood IS certainly looking beautiful, but it would not have provided pleasure if you could only see the gardens and trees from inside the house. But sitting on the open veranda, especially in times of ill health, can help restore peace to the family heart.

  7. Dear Mary,
    I am so glad to see you back in Blog-Land! You had a lot on your plate in March - and sometimes one needs time to retreat to recover from such blows.
    Spring will give you extra energy, together with healthy food and curiosity. (Strange mixture, I know - but to take nothing for granted is for me curiosity: to be grateful, sometimes even enthusiastic).
    I wish you both a lot of joie de vivre in spring! Britta

  8. Phew - that really was some month for you and Bob! Sorry to hear of your and family‘s ongoing health issues, such things always throw a spanner in the works. But by the looks of it, you are not resigned into all this but keep going and going, making your lovely home even lovelier, and still managing to count your blessings.

  9. Yes March was a rough month for you. I hope April will give you a lot of sunshine and happiness now :)
    Let's hope for better times...

  10. Dear Mary, So sorry to read what a difficult month you had in March, especially the sad losses you have had. The arrival of Spring brings hope for better times in your beautiful garden. What a great deal has been accomplished at your place. Lovely glimpses of Easter colour. Be well, and here's to better times this year. xoxox

  11. Sorry to read about your tough times but glad you are coming through to happier times. Happy Spring!

  12. I haven't blogged for 2 months but hope to be back soon. I'm sorry to hear you and your family have had so many health issues. We're doing some gardening too. It's tiring but always worth it.

  13. Well that was a discouraging time. I certainly hope that everyone is on the mend and moving forward. Wow. What a remarkable life of 105 years.

    Your neighborhood is so charming and your home and yard look so nice nestled in to it.

    Take care and happy learning to cook new recipes for Bob. I'm thinking you are up to the challenge.

  14. That's a lot to deal with. Sorry to hear of the loss of a friend and a loved one and all the trials and tribulations. Sometimes they do seem to pile up all at one time. Everything is looking very beautiful in your neck of the woods. I hope April will be so much brighter and better in all ways. Take care.

  15. Your yard and lawn look soooo good. Nice job!
    Glad you are having a better month than you did in March. Have a wonder small trip and then an adventure across the pond when the time comes.

  16. Your yard, garden and home look wonderful. I am sorry that you had pain and loss. Sending you both hugs.

  17. How lovely your garden looks from this side of the pond! Sending all good wishes to you after so much sadness; may you face all of these ongoing challenges with your usual good spirit and fortitude. Good to see you back here again. I missed your lovely posts.

  18. Dear Mary, I see beautiful emerald green and gorgeous pink in your garden. And I see a lot of hard work. Thank You for sharing. even my Daffodils are still hiding under a thick blanket of snow.

  19. Mary, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are and now I know what took you away from the blog. I am so sorry for all of your losses, stress and more. I hope that your husband is on the mend and that your disc is not keeping you down. I could not agree with you more, nothing packaged and you are ok for salt. There is a fabulous book, Sheet Pan dinners that contains easy, healthy meals and they are all backed together on a sheet pan. That might make your life a little easier. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and enjoying a beautiful weekend.


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