Thursday, June 2, 2022

Long May She Reign............


Commencing today and continuing through this
 coming weekend, the Platinum Jubilee Celebration
 of the amazing 70 years Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
 has ruled will hold the UK in its grip. Pageantry, street
parties, concerts, bunting blowing in what I hope 
will be a gentle breeze, and brilliant sunshine.
No other British monarch has sat upon the
 throne this long. Queen Victoria made 63 
years, no king has ruled anywhere near
 that long. 
Long live spirited, spunky British women!

Once a lovely princess . . . . . . . .

The Princess Elizabeth ~ Buckingham Palace 1945
by Cecil Beaton 

~ Attached to this photo is my precious personal memento from the
Coronation on June 2, 1953 - I was 9 years old ~

British VOGUE cover ~ April 2022 Issue

.......then suddenly a Queen!

We won't be there for the huge celebration having 
planned this trip prior to knowing it was even 
going to happen. We had to cancel so many times
 during the pandemic lockdown we lost count of 
what was occurring and when!
Anyway, crowds are not my favorite thing
anymore so perhaps it's better we will 
be arriving when it's all over!

Hoping to see some of the celebration
on television over the weekend.
Will you be watching?

God Save Our Queen.


  1. We will be watching what is available here in New Zealand. Snap I was also 9 years old at the Coronation and was living in Surrey.

    1. Interesting Susan - I had an uncle and aunt who lived in Great Bookham, Surrey long ago!

  2. Oh yes I would love to be in London right now to see the celebrations live... I'll be watching some on TV.
    I wish you a lot of fun too.
    Kind regards from Viola

    1. Thank you Viola - I'm watching the highlites on TV today.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    But you will be going soon and that makes things very well.
    Sending you hugs from Limburg/The Netherlands,

  4. Probably not, though I'm sure I will watch a You Tube video at some point. I surely agree with your sentiments. Queen Elizabeth ll has been the monarch for my entire life. Perhaps the remnants of the celebration will be most satisfactory and allow for wonderful photography.

    1. I have always followed the Queen even though I haven't lived in England for almost 60 years! Of course I'm a duel citizen and it will always be my true home, but I thank America for adopting me too!!!!

  5. Dear Mary,
    I am so happy for our Queen's celebration. A tremendous milestone and a testament to a life lived with grace, and always duty guiding her. It would be fabulous to be there, although I think we'll get a better look at things on the television. Enjoy!

    1. .....and I thought she looked awesome today in lavender!

  6. I watched this morning and I shall watch lighting the Beacons tonight

  7. Sounds like such a fun day today Pat with great weather in London.

  8. Yes, I have watched it all on TV over the weekend, and loved every bit of it. I remember the Coronation very well, and find it exciting to have memories of the entire reign of our wonderful Queen. The street parties looked so much fun, and the pageant too. It was wonderful to see the entire royal family, especially the children, interacting with each other. And the lovely fashions were a treat too.

  9. What a wonderful celebration. I just delighted in the glimpses I saw. My favorite, which highlighted the Queen's humor, was the video of her having tea with Paddington.


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