Friday, June 3, 2022

Those were the days. . . . . . .

Great vintage train travel posters remind me of how
 my home town looked when I was growing up there.
Some things have changed, others remain the same.
Torquay will always be home though and I'm longing
 to get back next week after three years away due
 to the pandemic. 


Today a hair cut. Tomorrow manicure and pedicure.
Items to be packed are ready and waiting.
Fingers crossly tightly that this trip will go without
 hitches. . . . because "there's no place like home."


  1. So exciting that the time is almost here for you to travel back home!

  2. Gorgeous posters, Mary! I do love that kind of art. I am so happy for you that you'll finally be heading off "home" again after so long and look forward to your photos and narrative. Be safe, and have a lovely trip. Hopefully this week will pass quickly for you until your feet are on British soil again.

    1. I too love travel posters.. Torquay looked gorgeous. Are the posters from the 1930s?

  3. What a beautiful place! No wonder you wish to return. Getting all the particulars ticked off the list makes preparing and packing easy. I hope that you are one who enjoys the Anticipation.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Sure hoping that things work out well for you on your trip.
    My time is passing by so fast!
    Tomorrow my 2nd brother will come to pick me up and we'll have time together at some restaurant over coffee or tea.
    Then a dear friend will visit in the afternoon and the final day arrives. HATE for having to go for a Covid test by 10:45 and hoping they will email the results within half an hour. The login with my airlines for the Attestation form also needs to get done within 24 hours of departure. Hoping all works out and I'm on my way back.
    Pieter said this morning that the kitties missed me.
    Wishing you speedy travels and ENJOY that beautiful section of England.

  5. There is indeed no place like home, I am so happy you get to go back this year, dear Mary!
    Every time I am in Yorkshire, I see similar vintage railway posters about places in the area and think I want one, but so far I have never bought one.

  6. How beautiful ... this will be a wonderful journey home with many beautiful memories.
    I'm already looking forward to your photos... and wish you a lot of joy. Yes :-)))
    Hug fra Viola

  7. Great posters of the famous seaside resort! Wishing you safe travels!

  8. I remember those posters so well Mary. I remember steam trains, the smell, the upholstery, the brass handles, the corridors and, the watercolour framed paintings above the seats. Not everything was good in the past but I think things were much classier ! Happy and safe travels to you both. XXXX

  9. Have a stress free trip Mary, and enjoy every minute back 'at home'.

  10. Beautiful travel posters, Mary. You must be getting very excited about taking off to your homeland.

  11. How exciting. I haven't got brave enough for a trip "back Home" yet. Lovely posters.

  12. I love the posters, too! Safe travels, dear Mary & Bob.

  13. Great posters!! Have a lovely trip now and take care :)

  14. I'm so happy to hear you are finally able to go home, Mary! I'll keep myself caught up with you as I know it will be a wonderful combination of words and photos.

    Much love,


  15. Bon voyage Mary, and safe travels. Perhaps by now you are already there, enjoying the views in those beautiful postcards. Enjoy. xxx

  16. Love the posters. I am so excited for you. There is indeed "no place like home". Enjoy and savor each moment.

  17. Torquay looks like a beautiful destination. Even more so when family resides there. It sounds like you are well prepared for the adventure ahead. May all go without a hitch and you have an amazing trip.


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