Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Up, up and away!

Composing this in the hotel's Concierge Lounge. Looking out through the large
 windows at Heathrow's runways at the landing and taking off of planes.
From all corners of the world, displaying their colorful painted tails, we can
 name them being this close.
They are different from this hilarious illustration of 'flying machines' 
I found in a corridor downstairs when searching for the gym - not to exercise
 just for something to pass the time!

We're stuck at the airport hotel today.
This day, of all days, brought the greater London transportation strike.
There are no trains or subway, the busses are limited and being
monopolized by commuters requiring an alternate way to work, so our
 planned day into the city for a look about, and perhaps a bit of shopping, has
not materialized.  

You win some, you lose some!
The old plan for this day included keeping a costly pre-paid appointment
 for the required COVID test to return to the US. Thankfully that regulation
was lifted a week ago and we are hoping to have the fees refunded.
Instead, what was going to be a free day, has turned into a minor lockdown
day. We had breakfast here. We took a walk around the large hotel property,
 and will walk again later as it's a beautiful sunny day. 

Now I'm sipping Britvic Spicy Ginger Ale - "Lifting Spirits since 1938" it says
 on the bottle, it works! I'm nibbling Brontë biscuits, "Great British Biscuit
 Bakers since 1895".
Silly as it sounds, it's little things such as this that make me feel I'm really
 at home again.

Traveling to London yesterday via the National Express coach, the
 green, grass of home flew past the windows. . . . . 5 hours of great
scenery in sunshine and blue skies.

Supper last night was at the nearby Pheasant Inn pub. 
We've eaten here for many years when flying out of Heathrow as it's
just a 15 minute walk from the hotel.
This time tomorrow we should be back in Raleigh following the long
eight hour direct flight.  
I'll be back here once settled and caught up with the most
important tasks awaiting at the house. . . . . and definitely 
the garden.

It has been a wonderful trip home and I'm already planning the next one!


  1. Perfect! Pheasant Inn, on a sunny day, still looks like my dreams of the UK. And I lived there for several years.

  2. Time seems to have flown since you arrived Mary, but I felt your presence here, even though we did not have a chance to meet this time. Hope you and Bob have a good journey back to Raleigh - I am really pleased that eventually you were able to return home again to see your family and friends💚

  3. Have a safe flight home. There was a time when there used to be an "observation lounge" at Heathrow, so that you could go and watch planes land and take off. I doubt that in these security-conscious times such a thing exists - but it was a big deal when I was about six! Incidentally, a hot air balloon landed right beside my house just this morning.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Oh my, a strike of all things...
    Let's hope you manage to relax and rest up well for your flight across the Ocean.
    You will maybe asleep as you read this...
    Big hugs and wishing you a pleasant flight without ANY surprises at the airport!!!

  5. I found your blog through clicking on it in a list, and I’m so glad I did! On May 1, I made my first ever trip out of the country on the Queen Mary 2 sailing from NYC to Southampton! Stayed in London, and received the most cordial welcomes from everyone I encountered! Thankfully, the return by airplane wasn’t complicated by strikes or inoperable baggage belts! Oh, it was such a lovely time, and I’d love to return! Wishing you a safe journey! You’ve had a delightful time with family!

  6. I am so happy you made it "home". What a wonderful trip. And now to be planning the next trip, how delightful!

  7. Safe travels back to the US!

  8. Ronald Searle's illustrations are a real favourite of mine! It sounds like you've had a wonderful trip and I thought you & Bob and your team of International Cousins looked fantastic. What happy times! I'm not surprised that you're planning your next jaunt, now that your travel shoes are firmly back on. Safe travels home, dear Mary!

  9. It's hard to believe you're already heading back home. I am so glad you had a good time. Safe travels, Mary and Bob.

  10. That was bad luck about the strike, but you've been making the most of it. I love spicy ginger ale, too, but usually only come across Fevertree or Thomas Henry over here.
    Have a safe flight home, dear Mary! I am so happy for you that you were able to make the trip and had such a wonderful time.

  11. My, that went quickly, Mary. The Pheasant Inn looks very pleasant, and I will endeavour to remember it if we ever get back to flying out of London. One can dream. The green countryside is what I remember most of the UK, so pretty and so very different from Australia. Wishing you a safe return home. xo

  12. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Safe travels.

  13. Oh has your time in England already come to an end? Hope you had a fine flight home and found things in good shape. Ease into garden work. 👩🏻‍🌾

  14. So glad you came back well - and are able to make the best of it, Mary!

  15. Looking forward to hear more about your trip Mary! Many pictures too :)
    Have a beautiful weekend and take care...


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