Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Golden + wallpaper!

 Do you ever look through your photos and discover a particular color jumps
 out at you? Seems like golden yellow was predominant during my Devon days
 last month.

Photos Clockwise:   Discovering a ballroom dance hall - best locally 
caught haddock 'n chips - old mossy roof view from our new modern
 hotel room - icon at St. Mary's Church in Totnes - the 'Gold Bus' running
 between towns - the Devon summer countryside - inside the oldest 
Torquay pub - and my English friend Emma's fantastic new kitchen
 wallpaper which I want too!

So I searched for Emma's golden tropical illustrated wall covering, but
 couldn't find it over here.  This led me to other discoveries as only
 trolling through the Internet can.  Am I planning a wallpaper project?  
Not really. Are there beautiful wallpapers out there? Oh definitely.  
Are some golden yellow and tropical?
Look below.  
Perhaps not the look for my cottage home - but so gorgeous,
even a bit daring.

This yellow is a gorgeous golden touch, similar to Emma's . . . . . . 

. . . . . and I love this green still with a touch of gold.

This one above could be my more classic colorway choice - and I would
 use it in in my entry hall which is painted charcoal grey.  Maybe just as an
 accent on one small wall area surrounding the front door . . . . . . . it would
really liven things up.


. . . . . . or even this one on a white background with that brilliant touch
of gold, plus those beautiful blue birds!

Nothing is written in stone. This idea is going into the 
'House Projects' folder.  Who knows, on a cold winter day when
the sun is hiding and I have some free time, I just might have the
 urge to hang wallpaper which I've not done in many, many years.
Emma, if you read this, just know that I loved seeing your beautiful
 new kitchen. . . .and that your stunning wallpaper is keeping me
 awake at night, haha!


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Well, I'm with you on the Golden color as I do LOVE it.
    Colors with Meaning: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/375980268901339928/
    YELLOW: Health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to the God form.
    Lovely images and such an old 1540 pub is unimaginable for the USA. Those are the gems from the Old World that we miss...
    As for wall paper, I do recall the efforts made for steaming our bathroom and scraping it for being painted. Only our guest bathroom still has wallpaper. For me it is a lot easier and convenient to clean a smooth, painted wall.
    But one can admire other's rooms that do have wallpaper!

    1. Yes I agree wallpaper can be a pain - especially to remove! I do like yellow and, like you, our house exterior is a creamy yellow with white trim. I might consider painting over hanging paper - but right now everything stays as it is - too hot to do any projects, which I'm sure you agree with Mariette!

  2. The very dark grey walls are a bit depressing. The yellow background on the wallpaper, on the other hand, is life enhancing.

    1. ......but in the cold winter months they really are cozy!!!

  3. I think that last wallpaper with the bright blue birds would be perfect in your entryway with the dark gray!

  4. We don't have any wallpaper on our walls but the yellow one looks lovely. Maybe I should try to wallpaper a feature wall. There's always room for another project.

  5. Yes, there are some gorgeous wallpapers out there now. Love the ones you are showing.
    I notice I am on a color theme most clearly sometimes when I post on Instagram. It's interesting how that happens.

  6. Those wallpapers are stunning! I (meaning Kent and I ) have not hung wallpaper since we did the black and white toile powder room in the two story house that I had my blog brunch at!

  7. You know how much I like yellow, and when it is in combination with grey, I find it irresistible - my entire living room is like that, and the wallpaper in your friend's kitchen wouldn't look amiss here :-)
    As for hanging patterned wallpaper, I leave such things to the professionals - I know I would never get the pattern seamlessly on. Also, I know my back and shoulders would not thank me if I attempted to do something like that myself.
    Yes, I know what you mean by looking at photos and seeing a certain pattern emerge, a certain colour to be prominent.

  8. My mother always insisted on yellow walls in her kitchen; she said it always cheered her up.

  9. Yellow is such a sunny colour. I love the wallpapers you've shown. We are planning a major renovation next year when Tim retires and I'm thinking about wallpaper in the entryway. There are so many really lovely patterns out there.

  10. Gold is such a beautiful warm color! That wallpaper is stunning. And the icon of the Virgin Mary is my favorite one; in fact, I have a copy of it hanging on my wall. Enjoy your wallpaper dreams! You have some lovely choices there.

  11. Hello Mary, I just left a comment but it went through as "anonymous"....just letting you know that was me...I see Google has changed things again!

  12. Oh, glorious!! Your friend's and your find are divine and all the colour-ways are delicious.Wallpaper is so beautiful now and if it wasn't that I become frozen with indecision when there is too much choice, there'd be wallpaper all over my place! It was fun dreaming about it all at the time of redecorating.

    ps: And snap!! I've got a charcoal grey hallway, too:)

  13. Mary, I love seeing your stunning photos. I have your charming hometown on my list when I next travel to Europe. As for the wallpaper, YES! I can see this in your front hall. Charming!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

  14. Gold and yellow - such a stunning colour! It makes me happy :)
    Love from Titti

  15. I would choose the dark green or grey wallpaper, but the yellow does look joyous in nature!


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