Sunday, July 3, 2022

HOME is where. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . one's heart beats faster, then settles quietly and allows the memories
 to flood back. At least that's how it always feels for me when I step down on to
 the bricks, concrete, grass of my hometown in England.
It never changes, it is a feeling I've had for almost sixty years, each and
 every time I've been fortunate enough to go home. I've lost count but think
it must be around fifty times I've 'crossed the pond' with England in my 
sights. 'Going home' has been a very important part of all the travel I've done.
Seeing new places around the world has been wonderful, but heading back
to where I began is always the special trip. It's the one I need because loved
ones are there, thankfully still many in person, others gone but the sweet
memories of times with them come back to mind more clearly when I'm
treading the streets and lanes of childhood and teenage years.
I breathe differently. . . . . the sea air perhaps, along with the green 
countryside, both give me a lift which feels like my true home.

View from our Torquay hotel room across Tor Bay to Paignton.

Torquay -- Princess Theatre & Victorian Fountain.

Thatcher Rock, Tor Bay.

Across the bay to the fishing town of Brixham where my father was born.

Torquay, Inner and Outer Harbours on a summer evening.


Inner Harbour, Torquay - St. John's Church.

Torquay rooftops and a sculptured frieze depicting 
King Neptune and sea creatures.

Old and new buildings. . . . . . .of course you know which are my favorites.
Another view from the hotel.

We're now back from the road trip to Eastern North Carolina which was
 really good despite my hesitancy in leaving home again so soon after an
 overseas trip! I have a lot to do here and, after celebrating the
Fourth of July, followed by Bob's birthday on the fifth, I'm hoping to 
catch up with everyone, write more posts on the UK trip, leave comments 
on your posts etc.
Then there's the garden which has run wild and is longing for attention as
 the rains apparently didn't come while we were away . . . . . but it looks
 promising for the days ahead with some late day showers at least.

Enjoy Independence Day.


  1. Home is home for everyone in the world, unless childhood wasn't very pleasant. But you are doubly lucky in the Torquay is gorgeous.

    1. My childhood there was very special with so much natural beauty.

  2. This was a lovely post with gorgeous pictures of your hometown, dear Mary. Home is indeed special, and we are fortunate enough to still be able to go there, unlike those who have lost theirs in a war or catastrophe.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    Oh, it sure does uplift our spirits for walking around in the place where we're born and grew up.
    For you sixty years and as you estimate, some fifty trips back. For me only 39 years and 67 trips back... That is a lot but you do understand what they mean!
    Lovely architecture and Neptune in that frieze, so well embodies the seaside activities.
    Isn't it true that for all those lovely weeks we get severely punished by more garden and home work awaiting us?!
    Wishing you both a Happy Independence Day and to Bob a Happy Birthday and many returns, with lots of trips.

    1. Bob thanks you for the greetings Mariette - it was a quiet but enjoyable day to celebrate him.
      Thankfully were having some afternoon rains - the garden is soaking it up and looking happier!

    2. We had a terrible tropical downpour... Our 3 repaired bridges got quite some attacks, some poles broken. And unbelievable the wooden poles and debris that banged up against the bridges, being swept from elsewhere by the masses of water... The pond was flooded, the overflow blocked. Pieter just got that one opened up again. Too much to take care of at times. Oh, and yesterday Pieter finished the blocked kitchen sink plumbing underneath. Replaced some broken rings and put it all together after cleaning it up. That was a first in 32 years... surprise after surprise! Hugs to you both from Pieter & Mariette

  4. Mary, with such a yearning for "home", I wonder what keeps you from moving back.

    1. Have lived here almost 60 years! Immediate family all here of course - it would be a gigantic sea change to go back and, although Bob loves my hometown, he would never live outside the US, especially this late in life!!!

  5. Dear Mary, what lovely photos of beautiful Torquay. How I hope one day we can visit that part of England. What great views from the hotel, and I absolutely love the old buildings. xo

    1. You would enjoy it all Trish - I really hated having to leave, as always!

  6. You grew up in such a lovely area, I can see why you enjoy going back home. Happy Birthday to Bob!

  7. That's so nice Mary, of you to share your heart and your home! ♥

    1. No place like home dear you know too.

  8. What a lovely tribute to Home! Your many return visits have certainly clarified what it really means for you. You are fortunate, Mary, that your dear Bob (Happy Birthday!) is obviously fond of your connections and is a willing accomplice on your jaunts across the Pond.
    ps: What are those curious birds atop Neptune's frieze?

    1. Yes, Bob promised my Mum back in 1964 that he would bring me home to Devon as often as possible - and he certainly kept his word! We brought her over here many times also.
      They are baby sea gulls - there were dozens visible on the rooftops from our hotel window, and they grew a lot in the 12 days we watched!

  9. Dear Mary,
    Torquay looks so beautiful through your lens of love. The old buildings, the lovely views over the harbour - it is very charming. I am so glad that you were able to return once again and walk the streets where you grew up, and visit with family and friends.
    I hope you had a good 4th of July, and Tim and I wish Bob a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  10. Sending best wishes to your Bob today.
    Yes, there certainly is something about "home" where your heart remembers.
    I am so glad it lifted your heart and satisfied your soul. It is just beautiful there.
    Your pictures make me want to hop a plane and fly there directly.

  11. What a lovely post and beautiful pictures!! Torquay look´s like a fantastic place...
    Love from Titti

  12. Home is where your roots are :-))
    you took nice photos
    Thank you very much.
    Glad you had this trip.
    Greetings from North Carolina and all the best to Bob and you too.

  13. Dear Mary, so beautiful pictures from a beautiful town!
    Coming home - a pleasure. A movie with many settings, flashbacks and storyboards.

  14. Mary, it is so nice to see your "home town." Torquay looks like a beautiful place to visit and to grow up. I cannot wait to see more of your holiday photos. Welcome back to your home away from home. I hope that your shoulder is feeling better. Stay cool. xo Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

  15. Love your description of feelings when we go “back home”, wherever that may be💕


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