Friday, July 22, 2022

Sun on my face . . . and short hair!

This week, like last week, has been quite busy.  
I tried to take it easy while waiting for the steroid injection of last
 Friday for my back/leg pain to literally kick in, and sheltered indoors
 due to the continuing heatwave.  I did manage to get out for an
 afternoon tea with a dear friend. We had much to catch up on as we
 had both been across the pond since our last meeting, she to Paris and
 Provence, me to England. We both had a wonderful time and there
 was so much to chat about.

I also had to get my hair cut as I was two weeks overdue and beginning
 to appear a bit shaggy . . . . . . and yes it's really short for this hot spell
 which isn't promising to end any time soon.  Summer in the south is
 always like this so not such a surprise for us.

~ A few more notes for the week gone by ~

  • The figs are now ripening fast on the monster tree!
  • I made my first Roasted Feta Pasta dish - it was great.
  • Baby rabbit sticking close to the house nibbling mostly grass and growing big.
  • Robins, dozens of them, eating the figs high in the tree along with ones falling beneath.
  • Hydrangeas fading BUT a few new blue ones opening.
  • Rain yesterday, just a shower, but heavy and the garden soaked it up.
  • Cat sitting Ms. Nala - she's warming up to me this second week as always.
  • An 'ant attack' in the kitchen, coming through the electrical outlets, yikes!
  • Cleaning countertops and putting out bait - think they've gone as of today.
Oh yes, the spinal injection seems to have worked this time (first one in
 Jan. didn't help) and I'm so thankful. Have tucked the big bottle of Tylenol
 away for now in hopes I won't be needing it.

Stay cool, those of you in your unusual overly hot locations.
Water bottles, lemonade, iced tea/coffee, extra chilled wine if that's
 your thing - I put my wineglass in the freezer for a little while, makes
 a difference to a great rosé or white on a hot evening!
"Cheers" to a good weekend.


  1. I am glad that steroid shot is working, such a relief for you. There has not been any overly hot weather where I live thus far this summer. That could change of course. How fun to meet a friend and chat about your trips to England and France.

    1. Glad you are having a good summer by sound of it. Yes, days without chronic nerve pain are so wonderful - I feel so much better thanks. Stay well yourself.

  2. I used to think having a regular hair cut by a professional was over-rated as a pick me up. But in middle age it became clear that a lovely refreshing look is worth the money, every 2 months or so.

    1. I'm just enjoying a wash and go short style, with a trim every 6 weeks, after years styling my bob with driers, straighteners etc. The biggest plus perhaps is saving a lot of money now that I have gone 'silver' and given up hair color at the salon! I feel a sense of freedom at long last when it comes to hair care. . . . for me COVID was good for something!

  3. Glad your steroid injection seems to be working - nothing worse than back pain.

    1. . . . . . and when the pain goes down the leg and makes walking so painful, it's so miserable. I feel so much better and just hope this relief lasts. Thanks Pat.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better now.
    Brian is on vacation and tomorrow we're taking a day trip to one of our favorite towns. They're having sidewalk sales. Supposed to be 92 and humid with a chance of thunderstorms. We're prepared - we'll bring a cooler with ice and water bottles, sunscreen, sun hats, and a new product I bought on Amazon that I heard of from another blogger...they're special cooling (small) towels that you wet and wring out, and they stay cold and wet for hours! You can drape them around your neck, put them across your face, etc. Good for gardeners, when working out, or just when you're hot and walking around. Here's the link if you're interested:

    1. Hope you had a great day - you certainly sounded prepared. Those towels look interesting, let me know if they really work please Mel. Bob mows with an old hand towel hanging out his back pocket, perhaps this would be perfect for him in the summer heat.

  5. Glad to hear that those steroids are working. Our weather here seems to have returned to more normal summer values after the brief but insane hot spell last week.

    1. Thanks John - I'm doing so much better. Glad your weather is returning to more like normal - that was far too hot for the UK!

  6. You must be so relieved about the injection helping; constant pain is no fun.
    Ants in the house - yikes! It is only at times like that when I approve of actively killing animals, since I have no idea how else one could successfully get rid of them.

    1. Yes, this feels more like the old me. . . . . . . of course still old, can't change that, but much less pain and able to walk better and get off the pain med.

  7. So fantastic that the steroid injections helps, great! I have also had an "ant attack" in my kitchen, they were everywhere!!!!!!!!! The heat is going on and I´m starting to long for the autumn...really...
    Love from Titti

    1. Having to resort to steroids is never a good thing, but where chronic pain is involved, when they work, one is so thankful!
      So there are little Swedish ants too! Aren't they just awful and so hard to get rid of in summer. Now they've gone and I've plugged in an 'ultrasonic pest control' gadget close to where they were entering - so far it appears to be working, no ants for two days! I checked them online, there are many, and bought the one with the most favorable reviews!
      Happy Sunday Titti - hope it's cooler than here!

  8. I am so glad that injection helped! It has been hot and humid here in Florida as well, but I get up early to walk the beach. Then come home and paint in the studio.

  9. Wish I had some chilled white wine at the moment. (it's currently 110 F at 5:20 p.m.) I drank way too much beer while in the states and have 5 pounds in my stomach and rear to prove it. HA! We've dealt with ants getting inside many summers and they tried again in May but managed to ward them off. They do take over potted plants if the soil gets too dry so have to stay on top of watering. Hope you've got your invasion under control. And that you continue to be pain free. Take care.

  10. Glad to hear your spinal injection is working. It's hot here, of course, and I'm looking forward to rain and cooler days. The heat seems to get worse every summer but maybe that's just my imagination.

  11. Dearest Mary,
    Cheers to you from Oklahoma City! Pieter is sound asleep and I'm allowing myself some time to read blog posts as I was not able to do so during the busy days behind us.
    It was very hot today during my drive and at arrival here. Saw 107°F in Texas and felt it... and here it was still 102°F around 18:00 when I walked around a bit. There is a strong wind though and humidity is only 40%.
    Love to read about baby rabbit growing taller and taller and they sure enjoy the food and friendliness.
    Stay well and hoping your back starts behaving well!

  12. We are at the beginning of a sweltering week. I have sparkling water and elderflower syrup to imbibe. Jim and I just took an evening walk in the nearby rose garden and children were cooling in the fountain. Yes, to short hair in summer. Your figs sound so delicious. We won't have figs until fall. So very, very happy the spinal injection is helping this time. Hooray!

  13. Yay for baby rabbits and the injection working, eek for ants in power points!

  14. I’m so glad we had time to catch up…miss our chats but happy both of our trips across the Pond were fabulous!🥰


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