Monday, August 16, 2010

Lakeside living is hard to beat!

Today the stars must be aligned just right as somehow I'm able to say hello from my iPad!!

No pics can be loaded, unfortunately, however I can tell you that we are having a wonderful time and it will be hard to leave next Saturday!

Today I learned to drive a wave runner and, although I planned to be cautious and perhaps crawl along near the shore at 5 mph, I actually sped across the lake, alone, at a top speed of a whopping 42 mph once I got the hang of it! Exhilerating, awesome fun..........perhaps I'll shoot for 60 mph by the end of the week! Pictures of these dare devil feats when I return home.

I'll have lots more to share from this great trip later.
Bye for now...........Mary


  1. I'm proud of you, Mary! It's quite fun to be a little daring at this time of our lives. But, you be careful - there are more adventures waiting for you!


  2. Happy travels and definitely speed across the lake. Let the wind blow in your hair and laugh.

  3. My dear you are the adventuresome one! Have a blast and enjoy your time at the lake. Happy relaxing...

  4. Oh, wow! You are having a marvelous time and you are quite the daredevil! The most I go on my wave runner is 25 mph and that is enough to blur the scenery!!

    Have a happy week!


  5. Oh, Mary, it sounds like you are having a grand time. Be careful zipping around the lake and return safely. LOL
    ~ Sarah


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