Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pink Saturday........back on the road

Hello Pink Saturday friends. 
I've been very fortunate this year to travel often and to some amazing places.  I'm now back on the road, well actually it was more flying through the skies yesterday, for my last vacation of the Summer....................

.................a week with best friend Paula (yes, same Paula I went on safari with in May) at her beautiful Lake Almanor Summer home in northern California. Last year I spent a few wonderful days here with DH and Jasmin, this year DH was sweet enough to send us here alone for a gals week on the water before Jasmin returns to school.

This is where we'll be hanging out and enjoying water sports during the day.

Come sunset, we'll gather for dinner out on the deck.  Later the fire pit will be lit so we can sit back and enjoy the gently falling darkness.  Loons will call across the lake and stars will hang like diamonds in the sky.  The silence will be broken only by friends chattering, laughing, and raising a glass..........what could be a more perfect way to bring Summer to a close.

These images were taken at Lake Almanor in July 2009.  

Will be without my laptop in California and unable to do new posts, but I'll take photos to share with you after I return home.  I'll be using my iPad to read your blogs and hopefully have time to comment when not in/on that beautiful lake! 

Meanwhile, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see who's participating in fun Pink Saturday today.....and have a great weekend.


  1. Hola Mary, good to see you are having a great time!!!!
    maria cecilia

  2. Gorgeous snset and a beautiful lake. What a pretty view. have a great trip! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot in which to wind up the summer. Enjoy!

  4. OH my breath taking this place must be. I know you will enjoy yourself and have a fun time with your friend! Look forward to new pictures.

    xoxo Gert

  5. Wishing you the best time with Paula and Jasmin!


  6. G'day Mary ~
    What lovely travels you have shared with us ... the world is so big & full of beautiful places to visit.

    I do hope you will visit my friend who is going on a mission to Zambia early 2011. I just opened a blog for her ~
    Dottie is a wonderful gal who you will enjoy ... she's still working on getting into this blogging to share her tales & travels.

    Have a lovely PS summer weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Dear Mary,
    Your photos remind me so of Gull Lake in northern Minnesota ~ where I am headed soon. Enjoy the beauty, your friends and your lovely Jasmin.

  8. Hi Mary Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share and how sweet of DH to let you girls go on this trip alone and have a little girl time. What a beautiful lake home. I can only imagine what loons sound like. I know they are beautiful to watch so they say, but I am not familiar with their call.

    I would love that deck. I would be soaking in every star in the sky and seeing each by the light of the moon. Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  9. Mary, this looks like more of paradise. You do live the good life!!!
    I know you will have a restful time. Enjoy every minute! ~ Sarah

  10. That is some beautiful and restful place.
    I envy you all that travel. Are you a travel agent??

  11. Haven't left you a comment in a while...been so this place, looks like a great relaxing spot!

  12. Hello Mary,I am home at last and finding some time to visit your beautiful lake photos. It sounds like heaven on earth. I remember you were there last summer too. You HAVE had the most wonderful summer. I am happy you had such wonderful experiences. When you come home I hope the weather is a bit cooler. Here on the mountain we have not suffered from the heat. We are grateful to say the least.

    Come home safe and sound. Fall is just around the corner. My favorite season.

    Love, Jeanne

  13. My goodness, you have had a busy year! I hope you have a beautiful sunset each and every night. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great time!

  14. What a treat to spend girl time at the lake this year. Enjoy every moment.

  15. What a glorious place to spend a few days at the end of summer. The sunsets must be stunning.
    Wishing you a wonderful trip, take lots of pix!

  16. The last picture looks so good I could just jump in and get lost in it. So relaxing and peaceful! Happy PS!

  17. Mary, have a safe and wonderful trip, can't wait to see your pics upon your return, Hugs, Janna

  18. How beautiful and relaxing!
    Have fun and enjoy Mary.

    Happy pink week.
    and a href="" > ♥ Regina </a

  19. What a beautiful picture of the sky! You could have held up a glass of rose wine to toast the sky!!
    Take Care,


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