Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lassen Volcanic National Park........California

Lassen Peak is one of many active, dormant or extinct volcanoes found around the Pacific Ocean in the Ring of Fire.  It formed 27,000 years ago on Brokeoff Volcano's northern flank.  It is one of the world's largest plug dome volcanoes, rising 2,000 feet to an elevation of 10,457 feet. 

Lassen Peak from the road to Lake Almanor

Lassen Peak's May 1914 eruption launched three years of sporadic volcanic outbursts. The largest eruption on May 22, 1915 blew a huge mushroom-shaped cloud of ash over 30,000 feet into the air.

The western area of the park features great lava pinnacles, huge mountains created by lava flows, jagged craters, and steaming vents.  The area is dotted by lakes and threaded by clear rushing streams, several of which we'd already enjoyed during on previous days....even dipping our toes in the emerald and sapphire colored waters.  At higher elevations snowfields can be found year-round. 

A beautiful drive was to the back side of Mt. Lassen complete with picnic lunch and viewing several more lakes.

A very exciting highlight of our visit was when Paula told us we were to fly over Lassen in a small plane she had chartered so we could see the Cinder Cone, lava flow, and the many lakes and secret mountain places hidden from us on the road trip!  My best friend thinks of everything!
So last Friday, another brilliant warm and sunny morning, the three of us took off with our pilot Dan for a memorable flight.
Jasmin's used to big jets, this was her first flight in a single engine small plane.....she liked it but had a small motion sickness problem!

The deep blue and green lakes........where we'd dipped our toes just the previous day!

...the Cinder Cone and lava flow...............

A truly memorable flight.............this is a little known national park but definitely one of the most lovely.  Hope you can visit some day!


  1. Your photos are breathtaking, Mary. This is certainly a beautiful part of our country.

    How wonderful for Jasmin to experience all this at her young age. She appears to really enjoy and appreciate it all.

    Everyone should have a friend like Paula. :)

    You're so blessed.

    Thank you for sharing your travels with your fellow bloggers.

    I love it.

  2. Oh Mary, what fun to see it all from the air! You have a wonderful friend there.

    Mt. Lassen and surrounds are so beautiful. We camped near lake Almanor when I was a kid. One year, we were camping in the National Park and got snowed on in June!

    So glad you had fun. How did Jasmin like the small plane?

  3. Your pictures are just lovely! I would just love to visit there. Your friend did think of everything. Carla

  4. Wow! What wonderful...lovely photos! Just amazing..thank you so much for sharing all these with us. Love it........

    xoxo Gert

  5. Your photos are stunning, and the place itself looks just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing and for showing us.

  6. Growing up in California I have heard of Mt. Lassen and Lake Almanor, but have never been there. It is just beautiful! What a treat to get to fly over the volcano. Here I live near Mt. St. Helens, in fact can see it from my kitchen window, and have not driven up to see it close. I must do that one of these days.

  7. Wow! That is stunning!! Beautiful photos!


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