Friday, August 13, 2010

Flying high............

I'm leaving home again!  The west is calling and offering a week of water views, mountain majesty and, best of all, time to relax with my dearest friend again.  It will be different than the time we spent together in Africa in May, but just as pleasurable.

So, instead of my early mornings spent here saying good day to you.....and you.....and yes, you too, I'm out the front door and off to catch a very early flight this morning.  My travel companion, seatmate, reader of small print without glasses, camera technician, and all around tech wizard, is Jasmin.........who's just as excited as I am at the promise of boating, kayaking, wave running, ATV-ing, and climbing a volcano to throw snowballs in the sunshine!

Tomorrow my Pink Saturday post will show you more.
See you later.


  1. And, you might add, I am left at home to water your garden. What's wrong with this picture?

    But still wishing both of you a grand time this week.

    Your loving DH

  2. If that is your home in this photo Mary I want to see more!! Gorgerous from what i can see.
    Where are you going out West? Sounds so exciting and brave. Hope you post about it.
    Pamela xo

  3. Mary, sounds like you are headed to paradise. Have a terrific visit. ~ Sarah

  4. Have fun and we will miss you again!


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