Friday, August 27, 2010

Watersports: Paddle Boarding

Early each morning, this trio glided silently across the lake as I sipped my first cup of coffee.  They would wave and keep going - their life jackets on the paddle boards because you must still have one with you even though you don't have to wear it. 
They made me think of river people in countries such as Vietnam or Thailand, gently moving down river, peacefully, effortlessly, soundlessly......leaving no footprint to mar the water and air.

Jasmin and Conner (one of Paula's grandsons) paddle boarding.

This was do or watch.  I did the latter because the day I planned to try it I left it too late and the lake was choppy from an afternoon breeze!  But I'll definitely try next time.

Jasmin soon got the hang of paddle I'd be in the water much of the time!  It required good balance.  If you've tried this watersport let me know how you made out! 


  1. I have no sense of balance whatsoever...I don't think I would even try. As you say, I'd be in the water most of the time. I do love the serene pictures!


  2. I saw this for the first time when John and I visited Bald Head Island this summer. It does look very relaxing. I'm sure it would not look quite so peaceful if I were trying to do it. Let me know if you ever try it. Carla

  3. I would so be in the water!!! lol!

  4. That is a fascinating sport....I think I might like to try it someday. I'm enjoying your photos of this gorgeous place.

  5. I saw it in Pensacola last spring. Do the boards have some kind of foothold or traction place, or do you just stand there?

    Have to say, it looks more interesting on that lake than it seemed to be on a saltwater bay.

  6. Emm, you just stand there, it's a smooth, flat surface. There's a fin underneath at the rear -and you're just gliding along, until someone's boat wake makes it bumpy........which is when I'd probably fall off!


  7. That looks like such a fun thing to do. I love the pictures and the description. It has me thinking about what a loose hold we all really have on finding and maintaining balance in our lives.

  8. I recently discovered yoga and have found that it helps my balance a great deal but I wouldn't ever have the confidence to paddle board.
    I can't swim!
    Lake Almanor looks like a wonderfully peaceful & relaxing place to be, thanks for the virtual visit.

  9. The photos sort of remind me of Asia, not that I've been there!, but how you would see photos just like that. I imagine you need to be able to balance yourself just so. There would be a lot of splashing with me!
    take care,


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