Friday, December 3, 2010

Guess who.................................

.....................came shopping at our booth at SuzAnna's Antiques last evening? 
Yes, Santa himself, looking so handsome, and bringing merriment to the kids of all ages who came to the Holiday Open House.

The lovely 'lady in red' great friend and booth partner Vanessa.

More on the fun we had later!


  1. I bet Santa was filling his big red bag with a lot of the lovely items in your booth. Hi to Vanessa, what a lovely smile on both of you. Take care.

  2. Oh how I love gazing for what seems like hours at the lovely goodies for sale .......

  3. Oh dear! What a great time last night! "Lady in red" made me think of that song... love it.
    I'm so blessed to have you in my life, you're a great fried, 'mom', booth partner and why not a soul mate? I really think we all have more than just one soul mate and it can be anyone who we really love and means something to us. Thank you for everything you do! Vanessa

  4. WOW! Santa visited your shop! How wonderful! Happy holidays, sweet friend! ♥

  5. You two look stunning! Happy Holidays and good sales to you! ~ Sarah

  6. I always want to just crawl inside the computer whenever you show pictures of that wonderful shop!! And at Christmas?? I can only imagine!

  7. The girls decked out looking pretty for Santa!


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