Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...........

Yesterday we stayed around the house enjoying the perfect snow.   A thick and heavy 7-8 inches, but dry as a bone.  After an hour or more in the garden taking lots of photos, my boots were still dry and any snow falling from the trees just brushed off the layers of clothes I'd piled on for wet stuff here.

Perfect snow for the neighborhood children to make snowballs and build snow little neighbor Raya's handsome guy sported a nifty silver hat..............

Raya in the early morning snow - Boxing Day 2010

The temperature did not rise much more than this yesterday...................28 degrees by mid-afternoon, then plummeted downward and is only 16 degrees as I write this morning, brrrrrrr!!!!

DH trudging off to search for the newspaper buried in the snow.............................

............and after raking around the mailbox area, found it, much to his delight!

Thankful for the woodpile feeding our blazing hearth.  Thankful that we are safe and warm in the cottage on these very cold days and nights..............and that we don't have to drive anywhere until the roads are safe again.  

Next post, more of the wildlife in the snow covered garden.


  1. Stay warm, it is cold out there. Most of the snow seem to miss us and I am kind of happy about that. I love your snow photos! I wish you and your family all the best in the New Year 2011.

  2. Oh Mary it is beautiful. We woke up to 3 inches. Just enough. I had visitors all day Christmas day and only got photos from the deck door. It was beautiful. We had driven from our daughter's home about 9:30 on Christmas Eve and it was a magical wonderful land coming down. Looking forward to visiting with you during the coming year and have so enjoyed having you for a blog (pen) pal.

  3. you make it warm INSIDE, tho

    happy new year dear blogger bosom buddie

  4. It was just beautiful all day. Kyle did not play in it too much. More interested in his new Christmas toys!!

  5. Your photos are lovely Mary. It's only 30 degrees here in Lady Lake, Florida and we brought fleece jackets but they weren't quite warm enough. Been to the store and back inside for the rest of the day. Don Jr is in Gastonia and said it's beautiful other than having to go to work. Take care and stay safe and warm.

  6. More lovely snow pix, that snowman is so chic with his silver hat and broad grin!
    Glad your other half found his newspaper eventually.

  7. It's cold here, too! We had the same type of snow...just not as much as you. Your yard looks lovely! So glad that your DH found his paper! Enjoy your cozy home. Carla

  8. Lovely photos Mary! I love to see pictures of things in the snow. Glad your hubby found his paper! Your little neighbor looks so cute and I love the silvery hat for her snowman!!

  9. Amazing photos as always... Enjoy your snow:)

    xoxo Gert

  10. So very Bob and gave me a great chuckle. So glad he was rewarded for his efforts.

  11. Loving seeing your snow. Did you make a snow angel? Finding newspapers is a good thing, then staying inside with the warm fire. Stay warm.

  12. Beautiful pictures, Mary, but did I see DH with a rake??? I know you don't get a lot of snow down there but a shovel is much more useful!


  13. Wonderful pictures, Mary! I did a post on our snow event also...quite the big news for our area.

    Hope you and Bob are doing great...tell Bob to wear his hat in this weather! :)


  14. Oh, I think I'd stay inside! Beautiful snow shots, Mary. Hope you are enjoying a cozy fire and a good book. ~ Sarah

  15. Even the trudging off for the paper--all so quintessentially lovely. :)

  16. Hope you don't mind, but some of your snowy photos are now part of my screensaver at work....


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