Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birds of the air.............

....................and of course, the squirrels, always hunting through the garden for acorns which fortunately were prolific this year.

Seems that an acorn diet quickly becomes boring, and digging for them through 8 inches of snow a real chore..........

.........so a dessert of birdseed is still enjoyed despite the upside down acrobatic moves required to get it!

A good spot for bird watching is here, standing just inside the doorway of the potting shed where I'm able to see the birds at the feeders yet they are unaware they are being watched and photographed.

The female Towhee with a fallen sunflower seed in her beak.  Towhees almost always feed from the ground...............

.........and her handsome mate watching from a branch.

Never a lack of Cardinals in the garden..........the brilliant red male, noisy and boistrous...............

................and his lovely mate, more subtle in color but beautiful and ladylike.

Titmouse, left, and a sparrow on the mixed seed feeder........

..........and the Titmouse taking a seed from the feeder which it will crack open on the branch.

Always my favorite, tiny Carolina Wren, photographed through the dining room window.  Perhaps the most sensible bird when it comes to staying warm and dry.......visiting the front porch (where it was most likely born last Spring as we always have a nest there!), fluffing up, and just hanging about out of reach of the bad weather.  Note the height of the snow on top of the fountain.

Do you enjoy watching birds?  Do you fill feeders year round?


  1. What wonderful photos. We don't do a bird feeder here in Florida but enjoy the birds in NC.

  2. Oh my goodness! These photos are fantastic! We're here in the Raleigh too so we have the same critters to watch in our garden as well! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love watching the birds and have been very busy keeping my feeders full. It has taken a while for the French birds to catch on that we English like to feed them, unlike many French. Your photos are just superb and I so enjoy reading your posts.

  4. yes, yes, ans yes ....
    really miss the titmouse
    none here in the burbs
    I have juncos, chickadees (My favorite)
    big woody
    little woody
    a cajillion house finch

  5. Mary, we must be on the same brain wave, I posted about our feather friends yesterday!! Love the pictures you took of them! I had a pair of towhees too!

  6. I do enjoy watching the birds. I have to watch myself, however, it seems that I could sit all day if I am not careful! I do feed them all year long. Mostly for my own enjoyment! Carla

  7. Mary, your photos are stunning. Yes, we do feed the birds and squirrels, and we so enjoy watching them.

    This has been the best snow. Everything just perfect. And, I'm very glad I didn't have to drive in to my office to work.

  8. Fabulous! My favorites are the female cardinal and that fluffy little wren who looks like he's in the house looking out.

    Hope you will stop by to see my snowy scenes!


  9. The birds are feasting here as well!
    We are all so thrilled with the snow!

  10. Oh my! What wONderFUl photos these are! I love all of them..you are sooo talented (and patient) with a camera! Have a safe, warm and joyous New Year ;-D

  11. I've never sen the Towhee before. What a beautiful bird. You know, as crazy as this sounds, i can;t even recall the last time I saw a squirrel near me either.

    Wishing you, Mary, the most wonderful new year! Hope your Christmas was indeed very sparkling. It certainly seems to have been! :)

  12. Mary, your photos are awesome. You have some beautiful birds who come to feed at your home. The squirrels won't leave our feeders alone, so we finally gave up. We do have lots of birds that live in our front shrubs and enjoy the bird bath. I love to watch through the living room windows as they flit about in the water.
    Stay warm! ~ Sarah

  13. Towhee is not familiar to me either. If we have them I am not aware of that name. I will check it out. Happy New Year.

  14. Your pictures are most excellent, and the second squirrel one is wonderful. He looks like a little old man thoughtfully chewing on his dessert.

  15. Wow! Your blog just gets better and better Mary. Fab fotos as well as great phrasing - brilliant.
    Yes, we have a feeding station on the deck right outside the french doors. gives Mike and I hours of pleasure and provides Mike with a daily exercise routine - chasing off the seagulls LOL.

  16. Yes, our feeders have been very busy lately and empty so fast. It is great fun to watch the activity there.

  17. I love watching the birds. We feed them year round so they always know they have a meal waiting for them!
    Take Care,

  18. I know I'm late getting by to comment, but these photographs are amazing. My bird photos never come out so nice and these along with your squirrel munching are such fun to go through.

    I love the decorated tree in the gazebo too in one of your other posts.


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