Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Boxing Day.......

The back garden - Boxing Day 2010

White Christmas arrived late yesterday evening, gently covering the piles of dry leaves piled at the curb, leaving a sliver of white on the tops of cold birdbaths and feeders.  As we turned in for the night, after a lovely Christmas Day shared with family, it was already morning...........the loveliness of Christmas departed in soft silence.

Mr.& Mrs.Cardinal having breakfast as the snow continues to fall.

This morning awaking at 8 AM, the light was so bright I knew what I'd see on opening the blinds........snow, snow, and more snow!  A Winter wonderland, about 6 inches have fallen and it's still coming down.

I'd been wishing for at least one day of being 'snowed in'. Deep snow, falling for hours, making the world beyond the windows a quiet and beautiful land................making the neighborhood look like the countryside. 

Front garden early morning - December 26, 2010

       WISHES COME TRUE..................

Hope you each made unforgettable Christmas memories..............may the coming year be special in every way.


  1. Lovely photos. Hope you all stay safe and warm.

  2. Just beautiful. Enjoy being snowed in and keep warm.

  3. How beautiful! We had a very green Christmas here in New Brunswick Canada however, the storm you had is headed our way tonight and tomorrow so we may be as white as you are :-) I hope you get to build a snowman :-)

  4. Oh I love your pictures and so glad you are enjoying the *snow*! Stay safe and warm..

    xoxo Gert

  5. Gorgeous! I always love seeing your gazebo with the lite tree, but in the snow it is extra special. Oh and the cardinals, I just love them. Seeing them in the snow is wonderful. No snow here, only the usual rain.

  6. Such a wonderful day playing in the snow!! Happy Boxing Day!

  7. like a snow globe!!!!

    love having you as a friend

  8. I know I am on a blog break....but I posted today of our snow and a Cardinal!

    Only thing is our snow started at 7AM yesterday and our company couldn't make it over for dinner.....but things worked out. Come visit and hear the rest of the story.

  9. It is so beautiful! I'm glad your wish came true and thank you for sharing the photos with the rest of us. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and many good wishes for 2011.

  10. We didn't get quite as much as you, but we got just enough to enjoy! Have a wonderful snow day! Carla

  11. Isn't the snow glorious! I love your cardinals photo!

  12. Gorgeous photos! I always loved a 'snow day', too! Enjoy the week ahead...stay warm! ♥♥♥

  13. Mary, we had snow here in Charlotte too! It is wonderful! I love your winter wonderland pics!

  14. I love your blog.I like very much snow,in may contry not snow. I don´t read and speak english but try.Happy days in 2011.Eugenia

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  16. So glad that you got snow for Boxing Day, I hear on the news that the whole US East coast is snowed in.
    Stay warm, stay safe, dear Mary.
    BTW Love the Redbirds!

  17. Wow, that last photo looks right out of Narnia in Winter or something. So magical. Love it. Here in Colorado, ironically enough, it was, as most years, dry as a bone. the snow was in the mountains but never made it down here. not one snow flake yet since the early September fall we had one day. LOL. Well, I did enjoy your photos and hope you enjoyed a very snowed in boxing Day too. do you celebrate the with your fam? I always tried to with my kids, even if everyone else was at work-- take it off!

  18. Oh my goodness,,,I had lost track of glad I found you again..I am enjoying my visit very much. I love your winter photos.
    Happy New Year!

  19. You got a beautiful snow. This last snow we received did not stick on the trees as previous ones. Not a very good one for photos, but great for sledding!
    Take Care!

  20. I see I commented above but just re-looking at these photos I'm stunned all over again just how magical your white Boxing Day X,as was. Beautiful and magical


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