Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elegant antiques.............

Next to French grey and creamy white, I must share with you my new love of black painted furniture.  I don't actually have any of my very own.........................however, after seeing pieces brought in to SuzAnna's Antiques by dealer Sam, my heart started fluttering.  

Recently, while watching Sam, an expert in the antiques business for many years, rearrange his large space, I was privy to a great lesson in design.  Armed with a drill, hammer and nails, who would have thought to first hang a rug on the wall, layer an ornate mirror...............

.................and frame with several graceful yards of soft, expensive, pure wool fabric.  This sideboard is beautiful - the curved doors and drawers at each end really unusual.

Sam's accessories are stunning international treasures, and he shares exotic stories about their former lives around the world!

I love the silver and crystal cruet, the huge painted tray inlaid with mother-of-pearl flowers, and the metal rams head decorative pieces from an antique chair.  

Sam has taught me a lot about the origins of many beautiful antiques..........and I have purchased some lovely things from him over the past few years. Now if only I had space for a piece of his gorgeous black furniture.....on which, of course, I would display lots of white and cream china, and old unpolished silver!


  1. Oooo black furniture with silver and cream china would be gorgeous ~ ;-)

  2. What a beautiful display he made. I imagine his booth is gorgeous. Take care.

  3. Gorgeous..i love photo#3..magnificent! I live in an old vintage house with antiques..so i adore all these treasures..fabulous!! Gorgeous post!

  4. Sam's space is breathtaking! I love the fabrics draped over the mirror!


  5. What lovely things! That fabric is delicious!

    I'd love for you to check out my first little give away...just a little French vintage for a lucky someone!


    --Lee Ann

  6. I adore the faded patina of old!!

    It's all so beautiful, the rich colours of the wool fabric and the old rugs is sumptuous to me.
    I have a beautiful cushion in a similar wool fabric, it's a paisley design and I look forward to bringing it out again each Winter and building on that one piece!

    Oh yes Mary, black furniture is lovely too though in my small townhouse, I must be restrained and one piece would have to do!!!!

    So sweet you received red roses on St Valentine's Day, bless your DH!
    Venice is my all time fave city in the world, you will adOre it - everything is old and faded yet rich and sumptuos - I want to live there for part of the year - maybe an apartment in an old villa on the Grand Canal!! Dreams are free!


  7. I do love black, too. We have a black vanity in one of our bathrooms with black and white toile wallpaper. It is definitely one of my favorites.

  8. Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate your visit and comments very much. I remember my mother going through a 'black' phase in the 60's. She painted a lot of things black LOL. Mum was an amazing decorator and had tons of antiques and dishes (some of which I now have) and she knew how to display them! I guess I learned to appreciate old things from her and am thankful for that! Now, about that 70 deg. sunshine. We sure could use some here. Have a great day. Pamela

  9. Sam sure is great at displaying his treasures!
    Lovely photos Mary!
    Pamela ox

  10. Mary, this piece with white ironstone and cream china sounds like a winning combo. Perhaps you'll find just the spot!
    I agree, this vignette is stunning. All the layers of textures is absolutely yummy in my mind's eye. ~ sarah

  11. Hi Mary,
    It was so nice to hear from you. I am looking forward to reading about your trip to Northern Carlifornia - such a beautiful place.
    Goodness - Sam is truly an artist and his displays are fabulous - sometimes I think about black furniture and how charming it would be but have never gotten up my nerve to go black.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  12. OOH - I`d love to visit that shop!
    I too enjoy looking at black furniture. I have two black tables that I love - they fit everywhere, go with everything.
    Thanks for the shopping trip!

  13. I confess that black furniture doesn't appeal to me at all but I love that silver cruet set - old silver I definitely do like.

  14. Those are definitely my colors. Such wonderful things Sam has put together.


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