Friday, February 4, 2011

Treasure blogging.........

Isn't it amazing the lovely things people want to get rid of? I could rock on my front porch quite happily on this swinging bench.

Some of you....dear readers all....often say you don't have shops like this within proximity to your home. This of course makes me think, oh lucky lady, she lives way out in the countryside, enjoying Nature right on her doorstep. She tramps through snow covered fields, across frozen streams, along river banks, even perhaps through muddy farmyards where she keeps her own chickens, milks her cows, and canters elegantly on the back of a chestnut mare!

 All around the globe, every day, bloggers connect.......somehow.  A new friend pops up from nowhere and, after a couple of clicks, another interesting life draws one in.  You read back over older posts and, wham bam, you're hooked.  Sometimes they even 'go shopping' with you via your blog pics, loving the shops you can visit in person.  After a while, when you are shopping, you start picking out things you know they would love.......then you know you've really got it bad!

Spring is peeping out around SuzAnna's Antiques........I see and feel it slowly unfurling in pale greens, daffodil yellows, touches of lilac and violet hues.

Just my thoughts for today as I watch the cold rain fall.

Sign at SuzAnna's....

....whoever said
....didn't know where to shop!


  1. I love smart signs and that last one is a great one. Too cute.

  2. What a beautiful shop!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL, lovely images. Have a great day.

  4. Oh, I do think you are talking about me. LOL
    Mary, you know I get great pleasure in shopping your photos.
    Have a great weekend ~ Sarah

  5. Your thoughts for the day are lovely, my friend. Thank you for sharing them and the lovely photos as well. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I love the part about cantering on a chestnut mare!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Mary!
    All be thinking of you in your lovely shops as I trek up the mountain..
    Pamela :)

  7. It is amazing what people give away but I am sure there is a logical reason and I speculate {hopefully} that it is because they've moved on to something more to their liking.

    I am so glad that spring is looking foreseeable to you. Not here,but that is yesterday's news. Suzanna's shop is looking much lighter and 'springy'!!


  8. I always enjoy reading your posts and you take such 'tempting' photographs. Living in the country as I do, I smiled at your reference to living in the countryside. It's a case of the grass being greener on the other side isn't it?

  9. Oh how I would love to run in and pick up one of those pretty white jugs hanging in the shop!

  10. Love this shop ~ what wonderful treasures to be found ~ it is true ~ someone's trash is another's treasure ;-)

  11. I could get lost here for a long time. Thanks for stopping by my food blog today. You know I've been looking for your blog for the longest time but there are two other blogs with you name and they did not have the author's photo...LOL. So glad you left a comment. And finally, I didn't know you have a Wheaten Terrier too! Not many of us here in NC that have that breed.

    Linen + Verbena (and Cocina Diary :-)

  12. I love visiting Suzanna's on your blog and seeing all the pretties. So tempting yes, but then I have many tempting places right here in my own neighborhood. But I do love taking a peak.

  13. Mary, I'm back for another look. It's so much fun to "blog" shop with you.
    ~ Sarah

  14. I have to smile at that, because I shop your photos every time!

  15. Lots of lovely things - I rather fancy that hat in the first photo. I'll take the jug with violets on and the purple hat next to it as well:) I only wish there was somewhere Suzanna's Antiques in my area.

  16. Yes, I often think that when I look round a 'junk' shop - other people throw out things which I would treasure. Maybe when someone dies and their house is cleared, no-one wants their little treasures - and that is also sad.

  17. Hello Mary, I am so jonesing for a trip to SuzAnna's. This spring I hope. Your photos are all so charming. It sure brings back memories of when I sold antiques. Since my sister's still sell and have a shop in a mall, I keep my hand in a bit. I would love to be able to visit you very much. I hope your trip to CA is wonderful. I know your friends there are very dear to you.

    Safe travels to you dear Mary.
    Love, Jeanne

  18. what a wonderful antique shop...I am tempted to ask SuzAnna how much those wonderful globes are...I just started collecting I need something else to collect...and they are hard to find...thanks for all the great pictures and thelink to her shop....Sue.

  19. And, you know I spotted pink in your photos, too. Mary, I think we would all love you as our personal shopper because you have a great eye for all that is lovely.

  20. I'm looking for an suv, and when I find it guess where I'll be heading? I think it is lovely how we all connect. I do have the chickens, no cows, would love one, but hubby says no way! Besides the city keeps creeping in on us.
    Take Care,

  21. Mary,

    It's so true about blogging friends being "with you" when you shop. It happens to me all the time and it makes me smile ;-)

    We had a lovely trip, so nice to get away from the snow and cold for 8 whole days. I loved Florida and may have to go back next winter for a week or so ( our cruise next year will probably be in June) just to unwind.

    My best to Bob and Jasmin.

  22. Hi Mary
    Every time you post about Suzannas it tweaks my interest. Such a great looking shop. You're right about finding things you know blog friends would like when you're out shopping!
    Hugs, Rhondi


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