Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Break........

Saturday.........the sun was out, the day was warm...............

For a few sunny and warm hours Winter was almost forgotten......

...............we headed to the duck pond, Jasmin and Grandma, just doing what we've done for fourteen years!

The gaggle of honking Canada geese, ever increasing, as the number of beautiful ducks dwindle each year.

Mr. and Mrs. still together...........please have lots of ducklings come Spring.

A perfect day reminding us that yes, Spring will come again.  

Here's wishing all my dear blog friends living where the snow is deep and the ice dangerous, warmth and safety as they weather yet another vicious storm.


  1. These are precious and heartwarming pictures, Mary. I can't wait until spring at the lake when we can see our ducks and geese again.

    We have weathered the big blizzard and now it is the freezing temps. The Northeast coast has it much worse and I hope everyone is as safe and warm as I am.


  2. We did have a beautiful North Carolina day yesterday and we sure appreciated it. Hope you all stay safe and warm.

  3. We enjoyed Sunday afternoon so much. We went hiking on the wildlife refuge nearby. Isn't it nice to know that these warm days will be more plentious as the days go by? Carla

  4. Hi Mary, I was noticing the ducks here in Phoenix yesterday morning. They were all floating in the water with their heads tucked away buried in their back feathers.

    I suppose the only time they untuck themselves is when a kind soul feeds them.




  5. We really feel for you all over there, experiencing yet another cruel burst of winter.

  6. The ducks in our pond have been feeling the sap rising for about a week now, and we notice that they are doing their annual bit of wandering - up into the woods, back to the ponds, over to visit the goats, into the chicken yard and back to the ponds.........I always think that they might be checking out the likely nesting places for future use.

  7. Great photo's I need to see those ducks. I am snowed in.


  8. A lovely outing with Jasmin. Thanks for sharing. Here in Oregon we don't have even a touch of snow and the sunshine is out today too. I am sure it still is cold, but certainly not what many people are experiencing. Take care and Spring definitely will be here soon. My crocus are beginning to bloom.

  9. Great photos as what a lovely girl jasmin is!!! Thanks for the well wishes...

    xoxo Gert

  10. Hello Mary dear, thanks for your sweet comment. i definitely want to come to Raleigh. Soon I hope. Springs sounds good. I hope you have a wonderful trip. You always do. Be safe.

    It is snowing tonight or sleeting. I can't tell the difference. Anyway it is white and cold. smile.We leave again for Florida tomorrow just for the weekend. Our dear friends are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. a fast trip but it will be lovely.

    Your duck photo is awesome. Our water is too cold for ducks I think. Too cold for us too. smile. However, I wouldn't live anywhere else.
    Warm Hugs,

  11. The thought of you two very special ladies sharing special times together makes me smile.

    I love you new profile picture. Come play pink with us tomorrow.♥

  12. I can't wait for spring although it will get here when it is time. The month of February always drags for me, and here again they are forecasting snow for us! Love all the photos, reminded me of when my daughter was little, and the fun we had at the park feeding the ducks. Jasmin is so lovely, and it is wonderful that you two spend this time together.
    Take Care,

  13. Love your blog..using for inspiration...happy


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