Monday, January 31, 2011


..............courtesy of Sam.

More peeks from antiques dealer Sam's great space at 
SuzAnna's Antiques........gorgeous trumeau mirror, lamps.....

.....smaller shells and starfish, pretty oval china platters, saucy wood nymphs.....

...........antique upholstered furniture, tons of vintage buttons, and amazing selection of crystal encrusted chandeliers, fit for cottages and manor houses..........

Sam has it all, and it's all for sale at good prices!

Lots of fabulous painted furniture.

Come on by if you're in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.........or traveling through on a journey some place else here in our friendly south.  Susie, Jenny, and the girls would love to see you there.  I doubt you'd leave without taking something special back to your home.


  1. Looks lovely!! I was out quickly 2 weeks ago, but need to go back and visit!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. That looks like a great booth! I would love to shop there. Did you enjoy your warm weekend? It has cooled down here and we are suppose to get rain the next day or two.

  3. What beautiful eye candy. So many pretty things.

  4. So many Pretties. I would love to come for a visit some time ;-)

  5. I am really loving the pretty aqua colors in the first photo. Hmmm...too many beautiful pieces to choose from. I'd love to come and visit in person!


  6. Well, I'd be there in a minute! I can see several things that would be at home at Pondside.

  7. Ooh Mary I'm licking my lips at the temptation!
    I would love one of those chandeliers above my dining room table - but alas I'm too far away to pop in for a real visit, but thank you for your guided tour - most enjoyable with my post lunch cup of tea!
    Now back to the ironing and then crumbing the fish for dinner. It's a scorching hot day here - not at all conducive to kitchen duties.
    C'est la vie!!!

  8. Okay, so now I want to go shopping! Carla

  9. Lots of lovely things, I really like the rose covered plate and jug.

  10. It is all gorgeous. I love the chest trimmed in blues.

    My house is so full that I need to set up a sale, too.

  11. What exquisite little treasures. Almost wish I lived over there.

  12. Ooh La La! My girlfriend and I were there this weekend admiring all your beautiful things! We each bought some items...not sure which boths they were from. to shop at SuzAnne's! :)

  13. I know I could find something here. Lovely, lovelies.

  14. Mi sono trovata per caso in questo bellissimo blog.....lo trovo molto raffinato ed originale!Mi piacerebbe tanto unirmi tra i tuoi sostenitori. A presto Lucia

  15. So many pretty things...if only I lived about 3000 miles east of Long Beach!

  16. What to choose, what to choose? So many pretty items!


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