Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decorating ideas..............

Over Christmas I LOVED this old metal much so I don't really want to take it down and store it away for almost a year!  It fit perfectly in the corner of the dining room, twinkling in the velvet dark of winter nights.

But, hiding it in the depths of the attic is necessary despite thoughts of it in a new guise, perhaps as a Valentine tree, or an Easter tree, and so forth.  No, have to get the cottage back to normal. Remember that word I've been sharing for several years................


The kitchen only has one 'holiday' item remaining, the IKEA  lantern.  It will stay for the chilly days ahead because it blends in with bright red soup pots..................warming up my neutral kitchen.  I like it burning in the evening while sipping an aperitif and making dinner, and in the cold morning when the rooster crows announcing time to make rib-sticking healthy oatmeal to start a Winter's day.

This regal crown was another holiday decoration I enjoyed.  Because it's grey and goes perfectly with much of my French/Nordic decor in the dining room, I'm thinking of keeping it out for a while longer, however the now brittle and dropping Pyracantha berries will have to go out to feed the birds.

How about the white pumpkins, bless their sturdy hearts!!  Yes, same real ones used for Autumn/Halloween decoration, these babies will not give up, still firm and plump with not a sign of old age!  How can I bring myself to toss them on the compost heap, or worse leave them for the yard waste pickup on a freezing, wintry Wednesday morning?  

How about Valentine pumpkins?  A pretty red or crystal heart on a silky ribbon snuggling around the stem would brighten up a February day.  What do you think?


  1. Mary
    Your word simplify resonates deep within, and sounds so much better than de-clutter which is mine. But I guess they mean the same more or less?
    I love the idea of a Valentine's pumpkin, why ever not?

  2. Decisions, decisions!
    Why not cut the pumpkins open and put them out for the little critters at the bottom of your garden?
    Love the crown and the lantern!

  3. It is difficult to part with some of our holiday beauties. Your metal tree, crown, and even the pumpkin would be sad to see go. My white pumpkin still sits on my porch.

  4. I guess the birds might like to peck at a pumpkin?

  5. Your home and colors are so serene. I do understand simplify however you must enjoy your treasures for as long as you like. I love the idea of hearts on your metal tree or your lovely white very red glitter heart with a white lace ribbon. Happy decorating...

  6. Mary, I'm trying to simplify a bit around here. Oh, so difficult for me. You, my friend, are good inspiration. Have to say though that I do love that little white tree int he corner. As for the white pumpkins, I find myself with a few too. It's just so sad to throw them out. What to do?
    Enjoy the days by the fire! ~ Sarah

  7. I enjoyed looking at your lovelies and even putting some away you know where they are. They can emerge at another time to suit your mood. Loved that rooster.

  8. I definitely would leave the lantern out! It will be great for Valentine's Day-I love red! I would cut the pumpkin open for the animals too! Great idea from Pondside. I love the crown and would leave it out for awhile longer! Good luck with your spring decorations!

  9. I just put all my twinkling pretty Christmas, the house is not a Fairy land anymore.I love that rooster, and Ice bucket. I would use the Lantern as a centerpeice for Valentines Day .


  10. Re~purpose those things you can't bear to pack away!! Seriously, you have so many pretty and interesting pieces in your home, I couldn't part with anything for a year!


  11. I love my lantern you gave me! It is soo pretty on my entry table! Your red one is beautiful though! I think I too would leave it out all year long!! Enjoy the snow tomorrow and stay safe!

  12. I would leave it all! Nothing is too Christmasy. I don't think I could put any of it away! Carla

  13. Hello Mary,
    I love your interior design so much and I too love the tree. If you are still enjoying looking at it, keep it out until you get tired of it...then put it away.
    It would be so darling with little hearts everywhere for Valentine's Day.
    If it were mine that is what I would do.

    Happy 2011 to you and your family.


  14. Hi Mary!!
    I think that crown can stay out all year round. I have always wanted one of those. I love the colours in your home so swedish/french feeling!
    Pamela ox

  15. " Bless thier sturdy hearts" indeed! My thoughts exactly about those precious white pumpkins!
    I love everything you have done. It all looks so comfortable.
    Sure hope to meet you in 2011. I do get to Raleigh every so often and always hop on over to SuzAnna's!

  16. I say "go for it", the pumpkins will love you all the more ;)

  17. Definitely decorate the pumpkins! They've given their all to you this time! Love the lantern too, and I agree things like that add a warmth to the home when the weather is chilly.
    Take Care, Ulrike
    P.s. Hubby and I were talking about the two of you today, and wondering how you are doing!

  18. I adore that crown with the berries, that's such a simple but beautiful idea.


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