Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remembering good hair days.............

 SuzAnna's Antiques is even a great stop on a bad hair day..............no time for a blow out in your bathroom, come on over and do it with a neat vintage dryer!

Some of those old 'paint by number' projects were so neat.

Bet these gals would have enjoyed a blow dryer had they been available then.

The dryer display is so attractive.................and in the '50's and 60's they actually made them in the prettiest French blue-grey colors with real wooden handles.

Do you use a dryer daily?  Are you having bad hair days? I've never had split ends until this Winter.  I get my hair cut (and colored too - shh, that's a secret) every five weeks, which usually keeps it healthy, but this year the long period of bitter cold outside, and the dry heat inside, has taken its toll and I've had to buy a really deep conditioner!


  1. Lovely post and the hair dryers are just wonderful ~ yes, I blow dry my hair daily and with the bitter cold my hair is standing up straight ~ ahh! I need a spa day ;-)

  2. I don't remember these hair dryers, but I do remember those domed hair dryers that you set beneath. My hair was very long and straight for many years.

    Now it is much shorter and still very straight. I have embraced my gray, and I love it.

  3. I've never seen dryers like this before. They are pretty! This cold weather is doing a number on my hair and skin! I am ready for some summer humidity. Carla

  4. Love the colors of those vintage dryers. YES!! I am having a bad hair day, in fact a bad hair month. Normally I do use a blow dryer, but with my shoulder surgery, I am having to do everything one handed and that means no hair dryer. Well, actually Mr. Comforts holds the hair dryer and I try using my wrong hand with the brush...the results are not very good! And with my shoulder still mending and in this monster sling, I can lay back in a shampoo chair at the hair dresser, so my roots are showing....

  5. You are absolutely right - central heating and the dry atmosphere are killers for healthy hair - it needs the spring sunshine - don;t we all.

  6. Mary, I'm one who uses a hair dryer daily. Probably not the best for my hair, but just the way it needs to be. LOL
    I don't remember ever having a hair dryer with a wooden handle, but I do remember the dreamy French blue. Amazing what we just toss aside through the years. ~ Sarah

  7. I loved all the vintage dryers. I had one way back when. Who knew stuff we had would be collectible. My hair is naturally curly so if I have a good cut I can wash and wear but if it's rainy I looks really frizzy. Cute post.

  8. I think you can tell they are old because they look so heavy! Everything is plastic now. I do love that blue one...beautiful color.

    I give the blow dryer a rest some days and my hair just goes curly. On days I want to straighten it, I blow dry it. And a good conditioner and a hat are a must in Chicago.


  9. I just got back from the salon and I am proud to say my hair looks quite lovely. I am NOT good with a blow dryer and brush, so try to use a curling iron/brush thingy. I go every 7 weeks and most of the time my hair still seems quite healthy. My skin, on the other hand ( no pun here) is another thing entirely. Too many years of not caring for it and assuming I still had time. Sound familiar to anyone??

  10. I do dry my hair almost everyday. I have a friend that would love that paint by number, he collects them and has one wall in his living room covered with them. The leather purse reminds me I have my mother-in-laws leather tooled purse somewhere in my house. I should use it.

  11. Hi Mary,
    I loved your booth at Suzanna's! WOW, that place has really expanded and I am thrilled to see that it is so successful. Now if I could just move a little bit closer....

  12. I've never seen older hair dryers before. They were so attractive with those lovely handles. Another example of how things from another era just plain looked better!


  13. I remember my mom using the bonnet dryers. With my hair I usually let it air dry then just a little blow dry. This has been a rough winter on hair and skin. I use to do those paint by numbers when I was little...they were so much fun!
    Take Care,

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