Friday, January 21, 2011

France, being so far.................

French antiques at The Sleepy Poet, Charlotte, North Carolina

............means I don't get to see my family living there too often as they live way down south in the beautiful Minervois region. A trip across the pond is no hop, skip and a jump unfortunately! 

Early this morning an unexpected and much enjoyed phone call brought my sweet niece close as we chatted for a while. She's attending college in Perpignan and it's her first year away from home. Finding it hard going, and perhaps not quite the right spot for her to continue reaching for her dream career, she may return to the UK and continue her university education in Scotland.   

The funny part, and we giggled over this, is that the university requires proof that she speaks English before she is accepted to study there!  Born and raised in London, educated there until age 12 before moving to France, she speaks beautiful English of course..........without even a trace of a French accent.  This place of higher learning will be fortunate to have her as a student, speaking not only perfect English and French, but also Spanish!   

Thanks for calling Harriet - you made the day special for us.


  1. I always enjoy my virtual visits to the Sleepy Poet, maybe one day................
    Hope you weekend goes swimmingly.

  2. What an odd request from the school!

    I wish Harriet much luck.


  3. That is a very funny request from a college! I hope she can find the university for her! Glad she called you.

  4. Your neice sounds like a delightful young lady....Gorgeous pictures as always, Mary...

  5. Mary, I hope your niece finds the right spot for her. It's so important to get a fit.
    Your photo is stunning. I'd so love to spend hours upon hours at the Sleep Poet. That tray would make the perfect house warming gift for a good friend. Think it's still available? ~ Sarah

  6. A wonderful story Mary. My last surviving aunt has been moved into a nursing home and I have not been able to find out where. I am close to her son but the daughter that looks after her did not think to let me know. We spoke nearly every week or two. She is about 93. I am trying to track her down. Here mind is clear as can be. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hope all works out for your neice and it is always lovely to get calls from family.

  8. Hope she is happy wherever she is. How special to speak three languages. I wish I did.

  9. Phone calls from family is a wonderful thing especially these days as it is much cheaper than long ago! It is wonderful that your niece calls you; it tells you how much she loves the two of you! My cousin's son sent me a message the other day from Germany, he has decided to come over for a visit! Now at 16, that is an adventure! What am I going to do with a young man in the house? I'm use to girls!!
    Hugs sent to both of you &
    Take Care,


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