Friday, January 7, 2011

Lying in..................

I did this the morning, something quite unusual for me. 
 Stayed snuggled in the warmth of my bed.
  Last night I read late into the night. The clock struck a single digit following the midnight hour, then I switched off the light. 

What am I reading right now?  The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim, a gripping story spanning 30 years (1915-1945) of Korean history under the occupation by Japan, most of which I was not at all familiar with.  

Today I have the usual errands to run, chores to complete.......including putting away decorations.......but I don't have a set schedule for a change.  Later I'll be picking up the book again, but definitely not reading so late into the night!

One of the 'shop kitties' at Revival Antiques ~ napping in elegant comfort.


  1. Cute pictures!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Everyone needs a morning like that once in a while. Have a wonderful weekend! Carla

  3. Mary, looks like a comfy place to stay cozy on a cold winter day. I very much enjoyed The Calligrapher's Daughter. I shared a post on this work - April 23, 2010. It should be in the Index on my sidebar under the book title. Glad you are enjoying it! Enjoy your day. I'll be taking down the trees and packing up the ornaments. All other signs of Christmas are already packed away. ~ Sarah

  4. It's fun to read into the night and snuggle in bed later in the morning once in a while. It sounds like a good book.....

    We are suppose to get a little snow this weekend, so I will be sitting in front of the fire, nursing my shoulder and reading a book on how to take better pictures this weekend.

  5. I love taking my Kindle to bed ... under down, warm and cozy. There are nights I fall asleep with my light on, awaken in the middle of the night and switch it off. Luckily I am able to go right back to sleep. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I love a book that is hard to put down. Reading at night tends to put me to sleep...maybe I need some new material! Or a less softer bed!


  7. Sweet kittie, lucky kittie. Isn't it just fun to get captured by a good book. Sometimes if I can't sleep I get up just to read for an hour or two. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  8. Love reading and I do on occasion read into the single digits on the clock ~ Everyone needs that once in a while ;-)

  9. I love those types of nights and then mornings! So relaxing and recharging!!

  10. There is NOTHING better than reading a book into the wee small hours that you MUST force yourself to put down and savor! I envy you! ;}

    m ^..^

  11. Love the pictures...what a cute kitty!! I remember the days when I would get soooo involved in a good book and would also read into the night.. I thiink it would put me to sleep

    xoxo Gert

  12. Thanks for the book recommendation, an unputdownable book is always a joy.
    The little cat looks so cosy, how could anyone ask him to move?

  13. I'd like to be snuggled up on those pillows too reading a good book! The snow outside is keeping everything light and bright inside so no naps for me!
    Take Care,


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