Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hats off......................

This little project has been waiting in the wings for some time.  Much too shiny, floral papered hat boxes found at Tuesday Morning and requiring an update to make them look old - because you know I love vintage, especially the French/Nordic version.  

One of the Danish Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines (actually high quality keep-for-ever books) showed some lovely ones covered in off-white paper with a distressed finish. I already had this paper - saved from items store-wrapped over the past few years, perfect in color and texture.  Scissors, white glue, some cotton tape tea-stained and wrinkled, was all I required for the makeover.

PAPER, SCISSORS, GLUE.......and a couple of hours of pleasant cutting and pasting, (while the Italian love dish simmered - see previous post), and they were done.  I was pleased with the result, just imperfect enough with some wrinkles and seams obvious.  I added just one snippet of very old French fashion newsprint showing a hat similar to mine.

I have a collection of hats all made by a friend.  Love them, and I do wear them.  These two are Summer 'go to wedding' hats, and sometimes my Easter bonnets!  They will be stored in the 'new' boxes.

They sit up here in the 'French inspired bedroom' on top of the armoire and vintage blue-grey suitcase. I'm pleased with the makeover which was totally free and didn't take long.......aren't those the best kind!

Do you like hats?   If so, when do you wear them?


  1. What a lovely way to while away an hour or two, love the great new look you gave them.
    Your hats are adorable, perfect for a summer wedding or garden party.

  2. I love the way the boxes turned out Mary! They are lovely.

    I wear baseball caps when I am playing tennis or golfing. I wear a big straw gardeners hat when working in the garden. But I don't wear dressy hats, because of my very thin hair - they are always to big for me.

  3. What pretty summer hats - and now pretty boxes to keep them in:)

  4. They came out beautifully. I'm not a hat person and I think it's because I am so very short and hate to draw attention to myself. Lovely hat though.

  5. Love the new look ~ I love hats and love to wear them any time (when it's sunny) and I love to wear them at tea parties ;-)

  6. You did a super job on the hat boxes, Mary! I love the 'old time' look you achieved! Thanks for your instructions.

    I adore your hats and I can imagine you wearing them with that cute haircut of yours. The only hats I wear are the knitted variety in the winter...a girl's gotta stay warm!


  7. Mary, your hats are ones I'd enjoy wearing, and I like the new look for their boxes. I often wear hats. I've been known to wear a hat to a wedding, but mostly I wear a hat when I'm out and about in the summer to protect my skin from the Texas sun. In the winter I wear a wool hat to protect my ears from the cold. I'm definitely a hat person. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  8. Mary, the hat boxes are so pretty! I do love hats and I wear them in the garden. I also wear them on winter walks. Lately, I've enjoyed scarves tied fashionably around an up-do more than I've been wearing hats! But I still love hats. :)

  9. I'm so in love with these boxes Mary!!! I love the rustic, aged look you gave them! I hope you are doing so good...and as always, I love your taste sweet girl, hugs and love, Dawn

  10. Laying here in my bed reading through your blog I am amazed Mary by your talents. The artistic side I have always known, such a clever girl with your hands, A talent passed down from your lovely mother.
    But I don't know this new you it's a total revelation. I too love words, instilled in us both I guess by Miss Petty all those years ago at school without either of us realising what a gift she was giving us.
    Tell Bob I will cook him the best roast beef ever when you come over.

  11. A charming re-design of your hat boxes. I love those hats too!

  12. Love this post, the hat boxes are gorgeous!!

  13. Mary, the boxes look lovely. You worked your magic into beauty once again.

    And, I believe I see shades of pink.♥

  14. I love hats - miss the days of military parades when I had to wear hats. I have a collection, in original boxes - hats that have met royalty! I like your take on the Nordic-French look - perfect.

  15. Yes I love hat boxes too - though I haven't seen any in the antique or junkie shops for some time.

    Yes Mary I do love hats and in my single days we often spent a fun day at the races - the dressing up was a big part of it and a beautiful hat was always worn to complete the ensemble!!!
    Now I wear them during summer - nice straw ones and in winter a felt cloche to keep my head warm.
    Especailly if we're in France in winter as it's so much colder than here in New Zealand

    And I don't wear hats anymore....since losing my hair and feeling like I had to wear them while going thru cancer (I was too cold not to wear them) I don't even want one on my head again....LOL
    Silly, I know....cause hats are beautiful and I bet you look so pretty in those!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  17. I wore a cap today while walking in the wind. Usually wear a hat for a special tea party, but that is about it. When I was young I often wore hats to church. Love the hat boxes.

  18. Don't ask hubby that question! I love hats! I have one that is so big yet so much fun! Love what you did with the boxes, it's just perfect!
    Take Care,


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