Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cleaning queen for a day...........

Wednesday I spent a few hours at SuzAnnas Antiques, sweeping, dusting, fluffing, and primping the booth after removing all vestiges of Christmas Past.  Vanessa, my booth partner, who has gone home for an extended visit, is enjoying time with her family..........and warm Brazilian beaches, lucky gal!

I was pleased with sales over the holiday season even though several items I thought would sell as delightful gifts, such as the neat Queen door hanger, and the sweet crystal beaded bowl, didn't!   

Thoughts of Spring are making re-decorating lighter and brighter in the antiques/vintage business.  A little yellow here and there as in pretty pastel bowls.....................

...............and I added a pair of delightful English Carlton Ware Fruit Basket pattern grapefruit bowls.  Made in the early 1930's, these are in perfect condition without crazing, chips or cracks. I've found one other grapefruit bowl selling online for $90, I am selling this pair for $50 - a steal for a collector, or a lovely gift for someone who loves rare, embossed china.

An urn holding pale yellow tulips on a large wooden trunk is a great piece for storing all kinds of things as you organize - well you are organizing these days, aren't you?  Around here so many odds and ends need a new home, either here at the cottage, or somewhere else far away!

More pretty Spring inspired items will be showing up in the weeks to come.............even though we may be shoveling a lot of snow again within a few days!  

Do you love being snowbound.......for a couple of days? 
Do you make good use of such time - organizing perhaps - or curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate and a great book?


  1. What a delightful place to shop! I wish I could come browse in person, but now I feel like I have been there..thanks for sharing the sweet little pretties you have there!

  2. Have missed out on the snowbound aspect so far. Even I am downsizing some of the extras and vow to wear only things I love, eat only the things I want and surround myself with items I consider treasures. This was a lovely post as always Mary. Take care.

  3. I lake it, beautiful!
    Big regards,Zondra Art

  4. Your space looks lovely and would draw me in to check out every little detail of all the pretties. Happy New Year, Miss Mary!
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  5. I love your shop Mary....just love it to pieces!

    We are getting snowed in as I type this. So far about 4 inches. We could have up to 8-10 in the next two days or so.

    Since I can't do much with my shoulder, I am spending my time looking through decorating books, gardening books and how to photography books by the fire.

  6. Mary, your booth looks wonderful!! Love the fresh look of Spring!!

  7. I always love seeing pictures of your shop, makes me feel I am browsing there!


  8. Hi Mary,

    Your shop is so charming - love the touches of yellow. Sounds like all that snow is making you think of Spring. We have not been snowbound where I live, however, we have had lots of snow in Southern California and lots of much needed rain.
    Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year.

  9. I am still hoping to come and visit your shop some day. We are getting ready for the snow here, too. I love to be snowed in. Sometimes I organize and sometimes I just curl up and read. Stay warm! Carla

  10. I should be organizing!! But I am curled up with a cup of chai tea and my heated blanket!! Hard to warm up after being at the shop all day! You guys had great sales today. A lamp, a picture, your basket...lots of things to a new home!!

  11. Love the touches of soft yellow.
    I am wishing for hot chocolate and a good book, but in reality it is cleaning and organizing. One more day of that and then on to other things. It does feel good though and now I have a large pile start for a garage sale in the summer.

  12. My friends and I were just at SuzAnne's and found lots of fun treasures to bring home! Boy did we enjoy looking at all your booths!

  13. Mary, always fun to see the space at SuzAnna's. Looking lovely as usual.

  14. I am trying to organize these days by shipping it right out the door! They could not pick up earlier this week with all the snow. Hope Vanessa made it home safely after they showed all that rain down there.
    Take Care,


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