Sunday, January 23, 2011

"She sells sea shells..................

..........on the seashore".  Ahhhh, the seashore, a place for relaxing, reading, sipping a drink, shelling, dreaming........

SuzAnna's Antiques is looking fabulous!  The holidays are now a memory and the darker wintry items are being replaced by light and beloved whites, creams and greys are visible in many booths.  Vanessa (who will be back from Brazil very soon) and I will be gathering treasures to display in our space also. 

My visit there on Friday afternoon brought thoughts of the coastline lapped by aqua shaded water with gentle white caps frosting the waves.  Spindly-legged sea birds run back and forth along the watermark pecking constantly at the flotsam and jetsam tossed toward the sandy beach........and wet, glistening shells beckon us to bend and gather.

Noticed recently - sea shells and coral appearing in decorating articles focusing on bringing lighter touches to the home ready for Spring and Summer. Our favorite antiques dealer and interior designer, Sam, (all images taken in Sam's space), has been busy changing out his display area at SuzAnna's.  He always manages to thrill me with his amazing collections, these stunning shells being his latest offering. Sam suggests planting white orchids in the large conch shells.

I already have a nice collection of seashells, mostly gathered from Emerald Isle and Carolina Beach, but none the size of these!

I love Sam's furniture finds too - and he does a great job painting.  If only I had room in the cottage......................

...........and where shall we display our beautiful shells?  Sam had a great idea......once the birds have flown the coop cage, what better than filling it with shells for Summer decorating. 

Do you enjoy hunting for shells at the shore?  Have you ever discovered a really huge one?  If so, will you share your beach........and perhaps we can meet there on a warm Summer's day when the tide goes out!

The North Carolina seashore received a huge surprise 
yesterday, 4-7 inches of snow.  Quite an unusual Winter, 
lots of beauty, wish I was there with my camera!


  1. Wow! Mary...Stunning!

    I could just stare at those images all day long. You belong in a beautiful magazine. *hugs*

  2. I LOVE sea shells, and have collected them (small version) pretty much as long as I can remember. I think the display in the birdcage is fabulous!

  3. Sam has a magical touch! Once the weather lightens up, I will be back to giving the lakehouse it's beachy feel. Hope to do a little Lake Michigan shelling this summer, too!


  4. I love seashells...and this post represents too of my favorite things. Wished I lived closer to this shop!!

  5. Tell Sam his is my second favourite booth (after yours & Vanessas) at SuzAnna's.
    Is that a Portmerion charger I see there?
    The conch shell on the chest of drawers is wonderful, smashing pix.

  6. Mary,
    Lovely January inspiration, starting with a white canvas.
    Thanks, Janie

  7. The shell decor is just lovely. I could look at pictures like that all day. Have a great day.

  8. Hi Mary, Gorgeous photos!! I love the large seashells and the two pretty white cabinets. I also like to decorate with shells and I would love to have some as big and pretty as these.

  9. Oh My Goodness ~ what a lovely space. I would really have to restrain myself from purchasing if I visited. LOVE the seashells, coral and furniture~ ;-)

  10. I do wish I knew a beach for those beautiful shells. I rarely find any, even small ones are broken. I have noticed more shells showing up in home decorating recently. I will be snorkling on the beaches in Thailand in April, maybe I will find shells there. I can hope.

  11. Mary!!! What wonderful display ideas girl!!! Sam has quite the talent for showcasing his wares!!! The huge shells are so gorgeous and I absolutely love them grouped inside the old bird cage....beautiful. Hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

  12. Those are really beautiful, I like shells, I'd like to put some around the house....

  13. Good morning, dear Mary.

    Your post transported me in my mind to the feel of soft breezes against my face and the sound of lapping waves in my ears.

    I love the shells in the birdcage.♥

  14. Beautiful shells, Mary!

    Loved seeing this post on a snowy January morning.

  15. Mary those shells are gorgeous!!! Too bad the ones on our beach are just boring clam and other small oyster ones.
    You pay a small fortune for those shells here!!
    Lovely furniture too.
    Pamela xo

  16. Sam's shells are amazing. I have such a love for natural elements. Growing up on the Texas coast, I once had a nice collection of sea shells. I left them all with my other teaching materials when I retired from the classroom. Never had any as awesome as these shown here. What beauty! ~ Sarah

  17. I have a few sea shells that big, but they are hard to find. I'm a nut when it comes to bringing home bags of sea shells! They are so pretty, and I hate to leave just one behind. Sam seems to have quite a few nice things.
    Take Care,


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