Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Razzy's visit to the cottage...........

We are not really 'dog people' here at the cottage!  Not that we don't like dogs, other people's dogs are often adorable, we just don't have dogs of our own.

Jasmin came over for Christmas Day.  
Jasmin has a sweet Yorkie.   
Couldn't leave a little dog alone on Christmas.

Razzy is now 2 years young, adorable, and still racing about like a pup.  Guess who came to Christmas Dinner?  She'd been given a bath, told to be good, and believe it or not was a welcome little house guest.  She opened and played with her present, a big chewy toy.  She inspected the cottage carefully and behaved perfectly.  When time to go home we found her curled up and sleeping in the middle of our bed, obviously feeling quite at home.......

..........and even spent some snuggle time in 'granddad's' lap!

Little dog, big dog?  Who shares your home? 
Cat stories welcome too!


  1. She is so cute and seemed to be a perfect house guest. Sweet post.

  2. We have three dogs and a cat. None of them stay inside full time. The little dogs come into the mudroom at night in the winter. I love pets, but I have too much to clean already. Maybe one day, when my kids are grown, I'll get a little lap dog. Carla

  3. What a lovely little dog and so beautifully behaved too. I'm sure you're familiar with the big dog who shares our home:) Bilbo Baggins certainly wouldn't qualify as 'sweet' or 'cuddly' but we wouldn't be without him:)

  4. Ah, she is adorable. I love dogs, but we always had tiny dogs. Our last one was a pocket poodle - three pounds was her high. She's been gone for quite a few years, and I still miss having a dog. I don't foresee that we will be making that commitment again.

  5. Hello Mary, your guests look very happy and comfortable :o)
    We have a black and white shorthaired rescue cat named Sid (who is a female, but was already christened!) She is now about 12-13 years old. She was very timid and traumatised when we homed her about 10 years ago, but has gradually settled in and calmed down. She cannot tolerate any other cats so we have never added another to our family.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to send you and yours my very best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2011.

    Rose H

  6. Razzy looks like she is enjoying herself and Bob looks content to have her snuggle for a bit. You know about our four cats and their lives of leisure after being adopted into our family. I have never been a dog person, although we had a couple of dogs when I was growing up, but Bob seems to mention a dog more and more often lately. We will just have to wait and see..I am in favor of fewer pets as we age, not more responsibility.

    My youngest son was in Raleigh last week, my oldest is there this week visiting with DOD (dear old Dad). Both were supposed to go together last Monday, but the storm prevented that. There were 2 Wolfpack games on the agenda last week, but none this week. It figures that the "non-sport" son would be there for games, but no games for "Mr. I live for sports".

    Be well...

  7. We have a biggish dog, a husky/lab/shepherd cross. We got him when he was 6 months old and he's been with us for almost 10 years. That's 10 years of dog hair and always being on the wrong side of the door. But, I love him. I must write a blog about him. His name is Marshall. I kind of wish he was a Yorkie size though :-) Have a great day.

  8. Razzy is a cutie...who wouldn't adore that cute little face. And yes, she made herself at home!

    We have always been 'dog people' and have two that are on the smaller side. I love them to pieces! It's nice of them to let us live here!


  9. Mary...hoping I can post. I have dropped my blogsite so don't still have a username. But this is Donna aka dobco! We have a little fiest. She was my dad's dog and when he died we took her and she has been with us for a long time now. She is almost 15 years old...has a hard time getting around...and thinks she is queen of the house!

  10. That's a sweet little face and evidently a sweet little nature to go with it! It seems nearly everyone in our neighborhood has dogs and the musician has befriended many of them on his daily walks...he's befriended a few cats too. He comes home and tells me about them. There are no dogs at our house (I am not a "dog person"...I like other people's dogs though), but Miss Kitty still reigns supreme in our home, as cats are wont to do.

  11. She's a little cutie and quite a well behaved guest. We have too furbabies Mindy and Scooter. They chase each other around the house like children. Thank goodness our daughter is grown up! Now I have to contend with the furbabies! ;-)

  12. Razzy is very cute and so well behaved. Two cats live in my house. The downstairs cat is my sons and the upstairs cat is my Joey. Joey is still young and does like to harass the downstairs cat. But most the time they are well behaved and Joey does like to cuddle on my lap when I am at the computer.

  13. We have always been dog people. We are allergic to cats. Right now we have a Golden Retriever we rescued named Teddy. He is a sweetheart!

  14. Oh, Mary, Razzy is adorable. It's been too many years since a dog lived with us. We still miss him! Think about getting a dog now and then, but we live in a house of stairs and a lawnless landscape. Not the best for pets.
    But we do have overnight visitors on occasion. Mabel is our favorite!

  15. We are still getting to know our pup, Rory, who came home with us after our sweet Cairn, Rosie died in September. No cats, due to our daughter's allergy, but I'd have another dog if I could be home more.

  16. Razzy looks quite at home on granddad's lap what a sweetie!
    Mr Ben, a black and white English cocker spaniel shares the Presbytere with us and can often be found starring on my blog.
    We have always had dogs since we married over 31 years ago, Ben is #9.
    I can't abide cats!

  17. Cute and beautiful Razzy!!!

  18. Hi Mary, We are in Florida enjoying family time together. The wedding is Saturday. I have a few minutes as my daughter gets ready to go shopping with me. I love that!!!

    Jasmin is so beautiful and Razzy adorable. I love your doggy post. Smile. You know us we are Poodle lovers but Yorkies are darling little pups. My dad had the cutest Yorkie called Fredrick. He was quite the little prince. They are like poodles, they think they are human.

    We will be home on Sunday night and it is snowing again. Maybe we will have to hike up our mountain again. I hope not.

    Love you, Jeanne

  19. I be very happy if you become my follower:)

  20. Oh, I sure do miss my Yorkies, one was 12 and the other 18 years old. But the 12 was my favorite! Our new dog that showed up here back in July is a full blooded German Shepherd, too big to hop up on the bed although I'm sure she would love to if I let her in!
    Take Care,


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