Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Technical wizards............

They surround us.............they are everywhere.
Our children, grandchildren, even our friends' children and grandchildren........

......the generation of technical wizards who seem to know everything about computers.....but not much about baking from scratch.

While I'm busy doing something old fashioned, like mixing up a little French gateau with ground almonds and fresh raspberries.......granddaughter is busy photographing herself on the new iMAC, and then editing to get different effects.

Kitchen chores v. technological challenges.
As long as it means time together, I love it all! 

P.S  Oh yes, the chandelier is now dangling delightfully in that space behind Jasmin's head - show you soon.


  1. I know what of you My 10 year old grandson can tell me what is wrong with a program on my computer and is so savvy his dad had to cut him off. Granddaughter has such beautiful eyes. It's nice you can cook for her and she can help with the technology. Take care.

  2. Yes, they are all whizz kids with technology and really bought cakes are so delicious these days that does it really matter that they don't make them - I am sure they could if they wished to.

  3. It sounds like the perfect time spent together....

    Can't wait to see the chandie in the kitchen!

  4. They certainly know how to do things these days. I'm definitely not the whiz when it comes to all of these new gadgets! My only hope is that if a satellite goes kaput that they will know how to count change. Seriously! I've seen some at stores that don't know how, but give them one of those gadgets and their fingers fly! At least Jasmin is in the kitchen with you, and they do learn when we think that they are not paying any attention. Looking forward to seeing your new lighting!
    Hugs to all!

  5. I see this everyday with my kids. Thankfully, they like to read and bake and exercise and a myriad of other things. For that I am grateful.

    I am SO looking forward to seeing your pretty chandelier!


  6. Could I borrow Jasmin for a while? Have just disappeared an entire file off my Macbook--no idea where it went. ::sigh::

    Your playlist is very nice--calming, too.

  7. Oh yes, so true, so true, Mary. I thin you have the better end of the deal. I woudl much rather know how to bake or cook for that matter from scratch and indeed I do but just don't do it nearly enough. now, having al those gradchildren around you is a, utter blessing I am sure.

  8. How true! Looking forward to seeing the new kitchen chandy.
    ~ Sarah

  9. The two of you are a perfect team.♥

  10. I'm having my first giveaway Mary
    and I don't want you to miss out!!

    Love your new banner and I love that chair!!
    Pamela xo

  11. Oh your granddaughter is so those blue eyes:) And yes each has its own 'smarts'...but as you say it's still an amazing time to spend with each

    Can't wait to see the chandelier picture!!

    xoxo Gert


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