Saturday, January 12, 2013

Garden birds or Penguins?

I will miss my garden birds while away. The Wrens 
arriving to sleep in the hanging baskets on the front porch 
these cold Winter nights......the bright red Cardinals 
singing in the privet bushes out back.......the Towhees 
foraging in the piles of crisp brown oak leaves.
However, other amazing birds will surely take their place.

King penguins - on Macquarie Island, Australia 
November 2011 trip to the sub-Antarctic Islands.

The Kings were beautiful birds and I so enjoyed 
spending time watching them enjoy the water and 
stroll the beach where I took the above photos.

Emperor penguins - photo via Wikipedia

The upside of missing "my birds" in the garden, 
is that on reaching Antarctica 
I hope to see thousands of different penguins. 
These Emperors are the largest penguins often 
reaching 4 feet in height......stars 
of that incredible documentary, March of the Penguins


  1. I just enjoy seeing any wildlife out in the wild, but seeing penguins would be a thrill. Enjoy!

  2. It's impossible to catch up with you! Every time I come for a visit you are traveling! What a wonderful time you are having! Beautiful photos. ((Hugs)) Rhondi

  3. I have been wishing to visit Argentina for so long and am very pleased to see your colorful pictures. Such a trip of discovery – thank you for sharing what you see.

  4. OMG Mary .... were you on the ship that encountered rough seas, was damaged, had to turn back? Please tell us you are OK.


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