Friday, January 4, 2013

Frozen beauty of Antarctica.......

Above photos are from the website of G Adventures 

Time is getting short, I leave for Argentina on Wednesday, and I'm up to my eyebrows in packing my gear for the big adventure to Antarctica. The M/S Expedition shown above is the ship Paula and I will be sailing on for 18 days, and the zodiacs will be our transportation for shore excursions onto the ice.

Reading more about the journey and shipboard facilities available in such a remote location, I now realize it will be difficult, maybe even impossible, to stay in touch here on the blog while I'm away. Internet connections are not always an option and when they are the cost is prohibitive. Uploading photos will definitely not be an option as, even when possible, it could cost about $30 a minute, yikes! Anyway dear readers, you know I'll do my best, and if I can post now and then I will........if not, please be patient and wait for my return in early February.

Off now to work on the packing - think warm, waterproof, 
comfy and very casual. No dressing for dinner this 
trip thankfully.

This quote is my mantra for the day...............I'm in 
the subtracting stage, methinks those duffel bags are 
getting mighty heavy!


  1. Oh Mary, You are so lucky but that's ok because I know you will appreciate every moment and then come back and share with us all.

    Have a wonderful time!

    Sft x

  2. Wishing you a safe trip, and VERY much looking forward to your pictures of Antarctica!

  3. You and Paula are brave ladies I'd say. I can't imagine going on an expedition like this. I know you two will have fun and you'll take lots of photos to share when you return. I wish you safe travels and calm seas. See you here in February, Mary. God bless you! Big hugs. Pamela

  4. I'll look forward to reading about your frozen adventure when you return! Stay warm!

  5. Have a wonderful trip, Mary! I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing your marvelous pictures!


  6. Happy packing and Happy travels. I will look forward to February when you return to share with us again. I have just booked a short trip to SF to celebrate my special birthday in March. Haven't traveled on a plane for awhile, so excited to be taking a small adventure all on my own.

  7. Oh Mary you have the most wonderful adventures. I can't wait to read all about it. Enjoy! Bonnie

  8. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

  9. Have a wonderful time, we will all be eagerly awaiting your return to hear/see what it was like!
    Judy xx

  10. You are going to have the most amazing time! Don't worry about posting while you are on this adventure, just enjoy every moment. We will be here waiting to hear all about it when you get back. Safe travels!

  11. Another exciting trip! I know you’ll bring back many stunning photos so that we may share your trip belatedly. Have a wonderful time!

  12. Mary, as they say, take half the clothes and twice the money. ;-)
    Have a fabulous trip. We'll be waiting for your return.......Sarah

  13. Wow what fun, how exciting. I hope you get to post lots of great pics..


  14. Should be a great trip - have fun!

  15. This would be the last place on earth I would choose to go to so am excited to see your pictures...have a safe, great trip.

  16. Dear Mary, d-d-d-don't d-d-d-dither, stay warm and safe and have a huge amount of fun! Don't worry about those posts as we'll all be waiting with baited breath when you are back from the expedition :o)
    Rose H

  17. I am very excited for you! What an amazing trip this is going to be! Thank you also for your very sweet birthday wishes! God speed on your amazing journey!


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