Thursday, January 10, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina..........

Hello from Argentina - my first time ever in South America, 
and first stop on the way to Antarctica. This city is a hot 
place pulsing with color and tango music!
The beauty and warmth of Buenos Aires, often named 
"Paris of the South".

We were driven around both old and new sections of 
this vibrant city this afternoon.  
Thought you'd enjoy seeing some color before we reach 
the world of some green,
Definitely no tango dancing though!

Flying out to Ushuaia very early tomorrow morning.


  1. Fabuloso dear! Have a wonderful time on your adventure down south. Love ~ Vanessa ps. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes and card. Just love it! <3

  2. Thanks for taking the time out at the start of your adventure to post these beautiful pictures. Again, have a safe and amazing trip!

  3. What a vibrant and colourful city. It looks beautiful there. Blessings. Pamela

  4. Oh Mary, how gorgeous! I missed you again. Have an amazing trip and adventure. How exciting just living through all your pictures-I can't even imagine living what you having been living through!!! I love all your posts and look forward to everything you have to say and all the wonderful pictures you share! You are unbelievable Mary...hugs, safe journey, and loads of love, Mary Ann

  5. So much color .. so much energy! Awesome. My oldest son has spent time working in Buenos Aries .. finds it captivating as well!

  6. Mary, you have such a wonderful way of describing the places you visit and the people you see and meet. These pictures are just bursting with color, what a treat to see!


  7. Oh I was out today looking for color in winter and here it is right here on my computer. The colors are magnificent! Beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  8. Mary, your vibrant post does Buenos Aires the justice it deserves. We spent a week in this lovely city a few years ago. It was just as you describe. We have fond memories of our time in this beautiful city. Thanks for sharing it through your lens.

  9. Wow! I love the vibrancy and color! So beautiful! You are so fortunate to be able to travel to so many wonderful places in the world. Enjoy every second of the journey. Tammy

  10. Hello Mary:
    How very exciting all of this is. And what a colourful and fun looking city. Take care, enjoy and continue to post as and when you are able.

  11. Simply stunning shots! I'm so thrilled that you could share BA with us before heading South. You made me want to hop on a plane and fine myself a cowboy to teach me the Argentine tango.
    Strictly Come Dancing!

  12. Lovely memories this brought, Mary! It was five years ago that we were in Buenos Aires and around the Horn. I wish you a safe and wonderful journey!

  13. Hola ! Fantastic photos, Mary !! I hope you are managing to stay cool, this has been a very hot summer in BA. besitos. C


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