Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time to leave...................

This evening I will meet up with Paula in Miami. A long night flight south to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A hot Summer day there, hopefully catching glimpses of tango dancers in the streets. A short night, perhaps time for a little sleep, then an early morning flight onward to the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, southernmost city in the world. An overnight and time to explore the town, shop for any last minute items..........then embark our ship, M/S Expedition, the afternoon of the following day (January 12).

I already feel the excitement.......getting acquainted with the layout of the ship, unpacking and tucking away my things in my cabin, meeting the crew, guides and lecturers, listening to the Expedition Leader giving the overview of our adventure ahead........and, as we go through the important safety drills, the first meeting with the 123 or so other passengers sharing this exciting voyage.

As we make passage east toward the Falkland Islands, the lecture series will begin and we'll learn about the extraordinary human and natural history of the Antarctic region. The Falklands should provide a rare opportunity to witness biological diversity and extraordinary scenery of the southern islands.......and we will visit Port Stanley to meet the inhabitants of this distant place.

Hope to share the journey as we proceed but, as mentioned before, this may not be possible........Internet access and cost etc. So, bundling up in warm layers, taking a deep breathe and heading south. 

If I'm missing from here for a 
while look for my return early in February.......will share stories then!  


  1. Hello Mary:
    This is certainly the adventure of a lifetime. We can feel your excitement from this side of the keyboard and just know that you will have the most memorable of times. We wish you safe travelling and look forward to hearing your tales from the high seas and Antarctica when you have a spare moment and an internet connection!

  2. Bon Voyage Mary, Look forward to the photos.


  3. You do sound very excited and I again wish you and Paula all the best for safe travels on your adventures. I will look forward to seeing your posts on your return. God Bless! Hugs, Pamela

  4. Mary,
    Have a fabulous adventure and safe trip.
    I am looking forward to reading all about it.
    Blessings and Best Wishes,

  5. Bon Voyage, Mary. Travel safely and delight in all the wonder.

  6. As always, wishing you a safe journey. Can't wait for photos and stories!!

  7. My your travels be full of wonderful adventures!

  8. So exciting, what a marvellous couple of weeks you have ahead of you. Will be thinking of you bundled up in your oh so stylish layers!
    Say Hello to those brave Falklanders from me and let them know Britain has not forgotten them.


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