Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are YOU a basket case?

While on the subject of baskets (see last post) I'm adding a few more here......................

...........I love using these vintage gym baskets for 
storing magazines, you know, the ones which 
pile up and await perusal when/if you ever have time 
to kick back in a shady spot on a Summer afternoon 
with a nice cup of tea, or a tall chilled lemonade.

Will today be that day perhaps?

Vaikom Village, Kerala, India

Last year in India, see more HERE, 
I thought these were exquisite baskets 
and wished I could have managed to bring some home. 
The ladies were very elegant and, despite the torrid 
heat, seemed cool and calm as they created by hand.

Still in a hot place - temperature hovering around 104F 
when we visited - 
the Aboriginal women sat outside quietly 
weaving colorful baskets.

Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia - September 2012

More HERE about this amazing place.

Do you enjoy baskets around your home?  If so how do you 
use them - what do they store/hide? Dare you tell us!


  1. Isn't it amazing that those women can sit and quietly spend their day weaving? It is their livelihood and therefore they do what they need to do. I have baskets all over the place, filled to the brim mostly with yarn and crafty stuff. Problem is, I think I'm getting organized but before long, a basket is filled up and it's time to buy another one. I just keep stacking them all around, all over the place. Have a great day! Tammy

  2. Mary, lovely post! Yes, baskets have always been a part of our home, and definitely used - magazines, blankets, stitching projects, garden clogs, ... The list goes one! Thanks for sharing! Happy Day to you! ~ Sarah

  3. Handmade baskets are so lovely. The women have such skill and patience. I do have baskets in my house. Just looking around I see an oblong one in which I've stacked our daily use napkins, a wire basket for gathering produce and flowers from my garden, and one holding a plant. I use them for organizing and for adding texture in almost every room in the house.
    I really like those wire baskets under the table - I'm keeping my eyes open for similar ones.

  4. Hi Mary, I adore baskets for storage and use them for magazines, art supplies and even shoes in my closet. I collect vintage picnic baskets with lids and use them in my art studio for storage, and wire baskets that I store shells in. Love your Greek olive metal baskets and the beautiful colorful baskets the women are weaving.

    Have a lovely day - hope it cools down a little in N.C.
    Blessings, Erin

  5. I don't have any baskets, but I do use trays and vintage rice buckets to corral my magazines, books and whatnots.

  6. I have a thing about baskets too, Mary. When we lived in Germany I haunted the small basket manufacturers in the Schwarzwald and still enjoy every basket I bought there.
    I have been trying to settle back to getting caught up with all your wonderful posts. I managed to send you an email, but trust that you know I've been around, even if I haven't managed to comment. How I wish you could have come just a little closer when you were in the Pacific Northwest!

  7. I love baskets and have several of them around my house. I'm hankering after some gym/locker baskets, too! I love your home, Mary.


  8. We adore baskets, preferable the artisan kind. I use them to herd up magazines and toiletries. But I have many of them displayed because they are beautiful works of art!

  9. Oh yes, I love baskets. I have one gym basket such as yours, it has all my techie cords and books in it. I have a berry basket full of ribbons, a basket with small plates in it, a traveling basket with a teapot, cups, and tea. Oh my too many to tell. Good post, now I will be looking at my baskets all over the house. Oh and I brought three almost flat baskets back from Taiwan that were used for drying tea, but I use one in the garden when I pull weeds and sometimes I have books in one.

  10. Mary, of yes, I am most definitely a basket case! I especially use them to store those "magazines awaiting perusal" lol. Also for blankets in the living room. I love these gym basket though. Lovely.

    Marie Angelique


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