Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Petropavlovsk, Part II..................

Continuing the day in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka..............

Back at the kennel we were introduced to the many Siberian, Alaskan and Kamchatka huskies.........

......these were the lightweight sleds they pulled - important for transportation in this area where snowfall is heavy in Winter.

Lunch was served outside, fortunately it warmed up so was decidedly pleasant in the sunshine.........

....and if you WERE cold there was plenty of the national drink available. Above, our jovial Russian lunch hostess.....who may have sampled the vodka ahead of time!

The salmon was so delicious...........thankfully the bears didn't catch and eat the entire supply, and I loved the freshly made slightly chewy buckwheat blinis.

Paula and our group - as you can see there was still snow underfoot, it was about 42F.

We stopped in here for a made your own with instant and it was not that good! The fire and fur throws were warming though.

Then it was song and dance time!  What a fabulous show - the traditional folk dances by local young Koryak people in their native costumes, accompanied by drums fashioned from stretched reindeer skin - brilliant in the sunshine. To learn more about this interesting indigenous people from Kamachatka Peninsula go HERE.

The mens' boots made from reindeer hides.

We left the kennel and charming people, quite surprised that we were privileged to experience such a great time in the Russian countryside. Needless to say, Dr. Zhivago (one of my all time favorite stories/movies) came to mind when surrounded by this scenery.

Petropavlovsk, Russia

Coming soon: More of the city, and stunning views of the volcanoes.

Today I am in Washington State looking across to Mt. Baker. Lately, besides water, I have been viewing and loving so many mountains. Could one ever become tired of mountain scenery? I doubt it.


  1. I'm enjoying all of your trip photos!

  2. How wonderful it looks! Those costumes are lovely.

  3. How beautiful to see more of your adventure.
    The performers are beautiful,
    the sights amazing,
    love the coffee shop - I could sit there with my tea. The food I know was wonderful too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I am so pleased you showed us many pictures of the Kamchatka Peninsula because I wondered what it looked like. My husband’s cousin, a doctor at the CDC, went 2 or 3 years in a row to Kamchatka and stayed there 3 months each time to help them set up their public health clinics and he talked about it but never took a picture… what a place. You have so many beautiful photos and close-ups of animals. I really enjoyed looking at all your posts. The dogs remind me of the snow dogs we saw in Kirkenes, Norway – such beautiful dogs.

  5. I enjoyed this post as well as the later one Mary. Quite a difference in scenery with snow and volcanic mountains. The last 3 pictures remind me of Dr. Zhivago too.


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